Using the Animal Nursery by AoErat

The Animal Nursery is a building (available in Tech Level 1) that allows you to garrison Nerfs in. To do this, simply select your Nerfs, and right-click on the Animal Nursery. The Animal Nursery will then give you a certain amount of food each minute for the rest of the game, or until the Animal Nursery is destroyed. There is a maximum amount of 10 Nerfs.

One Nerf yields 1.5 food per minute. Therefore, 4 Nerfs would yield 6 food per minute. This production is fairly slow, and not worth the price. To increase food production, build a Power Core near the Animal Nursery. Now one Nerf will yield 6 food per minute, and 4 Nerfs will yield 24 food per minute.

There are three technologies available at the Animal Nursery.

Stimulants (TL2) - increases base food amount by 17%
Genetics (TL3) - increases base food amount by 33%
Cloning (TL4) - increases base food amount by 50%

For example, if you researched Cloning, and have one Nerf in the Animal Nursery, and a Power Core, you will get 9 food per minute.

If you would like to calculate other values, use the Animal Nursery Calculator. You can enter # of Nerfs, minutes, whether there is a Power Core, and select which (if any) technology is researched. Then the calculator will show you how much food will be gained based on the settings you selected.

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