Dewback Luring by AoErat

The concept behind dewback luring is to get the food source, the Dewback, close to the food processing center so the walking distance of your workers is reduced, thus increasing the speed food is gathered.

Requirements: Place five (5) or more workers near Food Processing Center or Command Center, if close enough. Optional: Scout.

Send one (1) of your five (5) workers (your Scout will work just as well, if not better) to attack the Dewback. As soon as the Dewback starts to chase your worker (or Scout), move it back towards the other workers. The Dewback will slowly gain on your worker (or Scout), so make sure you do not lure over too long a distance. When the Dewback gets close to your other workers, have them all attack it. They will kill the Dewback, and it's body will lie near your Food Processing Center or Command Center, whichever you picked to lure to.

Some experimentation may be required to get the hang of it, but when you do, this method will increase your food supplies more quickly than building a seperate Food Processing Center near the Dewback. You will also save the wood it would take to build an extra Food Processing Center.

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