Effective Power Core Use by Krud139

Power Core UseAll buildings benefit, and some require from the energy the Power Cores provide. All buildings (except the Shield Generator) operate at 25% efficiency when not powered by a Power Core. Power Cores are a questionable necessity early on in the game simply because of their cost, 200 Carbon. Early on, this carbon can go to much better uses building farms and a Troop Barracks. Early in the game, keeping all of your buildings within a relatively close space eliminates the waste and the need for more than one power core. With the Power Core in a central position in your base, you don’t have to spend more than the costly 200 carbon to build another. In this position, it powers the Command Center, The Carbon Production Center, The Food Production Center, and The Troop Center. As you advance up to tech level two and three it becomes necessary to extend your base and build more specialized buildings. These too should be group together to minimize the amount of power cores you have to build. Also, as you advance through the tech levels, it will become increasingly necessary to protect your Power Cores, as they will become a target of high value.

Power Core UseIn order to protect your Power Core, build both Anti-ground and anti-air turrets because air units are just as powerful as ground units. Late in the Game, Power Cores are essential for any sustained attack. They are necessary for building large diverse armies quickly. Even though Power Cores play a small part in the game, they have the ability to decide the entire outcome of any match.

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