A Designer's Guide to Preparing for Release by BobaFett & Zara

A Designer's Guide to Preparing for Release
Written by BobaFett & Zara

Welcome to A Designers Guide to preparing for release, this guide will teach you how to tell if your campaign is really ready for release. I know I am not an expert on this matter… So I wont try to be. Let’s learn this together and maybe it will help me too…(Note: I assume that you already have a showcase, if you don’t and need help read Zara’s Guide on how to Make a Proper Campaign Showcase.)

After our campaign is completed the first thing we think of is: Release. However, it is not the right thought. Let’s stop, think, and ask ourselves some questions: Will the people of SWGBH like this campaign? Is it error free? Is there a point to the campaign? Is there more testing that needs to be done? Those are some tough questions but we got to ask them. Now let’s break this up into parts so it is easier for us to understand it.

1) Your Testing

A good thing for us to do is test our campaign thoroughly. Make sure everything is in order and is the way you want it. If you see things wrong or little bugs, then write them down, or make a mental note of them. After you’ve got that done, proceed into the first phase of debugging. There are a number of things to watch for when playing:
a) Bugs
b) Balance (Is the campaign too hard to complete, or too easy?)
c) Exciting (Does the campaign keep you playing?)
d) Map (What does the landscape look like? Could I add to it?)

2) Debugging

Ok you’ve pointed out errors and improvements that need to be made. So let’s make them shall we: Go through your scenario/scenarios fixing everything that you feel needs to be done. Bugs can be many and troublesome, so keep your eye open for them. This might take a while but as you probably learned when making your scenario: They take time. After we are done with that let’s send it off. To playtesters, that is.

3) Playtesting

After we finish our campaign and debug it ourselves, we should send it in to others to get their honest opinion of it. So let’s pick out some playtesters. Finding playtesters can me troublesome, you have to get people you like and trust, but make sure that you don’t get someone who likes you so much that he will always say it is great. Playtesting is useful because it allows us to get a good idea of how SWGBH will react to our campaign, and is good for finding errors and ways to improve upon. After we get all the word back from our playtesters fix what you feel is proper, based on the feedback they gave you.

4) More Debugging

It’s time again for more stressful, fun fun fun for the whole family debugging. Based on what you received back from the population of playtesters, fix what they suggested, or what you feel proper doing. Basically, just repeat phase 2, but with other’s feedback.

5) 1, 2, 3 Release!

After getting all the above done and more, I think it is time that we see what the public has to say? Let’s submit it to SWGBH! (Note: make sure you have a good description.) Another good idea, since SWGBH takes a bit to upload, add it to your own site, or have another host it. That way, you can have your campaign out and about in no time.

Things to remember:

1. “Don’t rush things!”

2. Always put your campaign in a *.zip file with any other files you may need with it. SWGBH probably won’t accept it if it isn’t zipped. Besides, it cuts down on downloading time by a fair chunk.

6) Closing

Thank you, for taking the time to read this guide, we really enjoyed writing it and we hope you enjoyed reading it! Good luck on your future projects, and happy designing!

This has been a guide by BobaFett & Zara.

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