Modpack Reviewing Tutorial / System by Tevious

This review system contains 2 categories for Modification Packs. I have determined that the following categories cover all the areas that a truly excellent modpack should excel in: Usefulness and Quality. Both categories are scored on a range from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best score and 1 being the worst. The total score is achieved by averaging both categories. Below, I will describe in detail both of the 2 categories of the Modpack Review System:


For this category, you should describe how useful the modpack is. This category will be mostly based on the Reviewer’s opinion, but should be based on how useful it would be to the downloader if they were to download it and how much the modpack is worth using. You should also mark off depending on what the mod replaces. If the mod replaces something that doesn’t work accordingly to what the mod is being replaced with, then a lower score should be given. One example could be that someone replaces a building with a melee unit and should be marked down, unless there was a good reason for replacing that.

Score Breakdown:
1.0 – Very Poor:
The modpack has very little use, if any, and/or doesn’t replace something at all fitting with the mod. It’s not worth installing at all.
2.0 – Poor: The modpack has hardly any use for anything and/or doesn’t replace something that fits with the mod very well. It’s not worth keeping installed.
3.0 – Average: The modpack is somewhat useful, but only worth using just a couple times or perhaps just during a particular Campaign and/or replaces something that kind of fits with the mod.
4.0 – Good: The modpack is pretty useful, worth using a few times and/or replaces something that pretty-much fits with the mod.
5.0 – Excellent: The modpack has many different uses or worth keeping installed and/or replaces something that fits with the mod very well.


For Quality, you should describe how well the graphics and/or sounds are and how consistent the mod is with the game. If the graphic and sound quality is very poor, a lower score should be given. If the graphics looks as well in the game as any other graphic in the game or looks like it belongs in the game, or at least close, it should receive a higher score. If the sound quality is very well, it should also receive a higher score. You should also mark off for any errors the modpack has, such as anchors not correctly aligned, palette problems, mask problems, ect.

Score Breakdown:
1.0– Very Poor:
The graphics look terrible and/or the sounds are fuzzy or unclear. The modpack isn’t at all consistent with the game. The modpack has many errors.
2.0 – Poor: The graphics need more work and/or the sounds are somewhat fuzzy or unclear. The modpack isn’t very consistent with the game. The modpack has some errors.
3.0 – Average: The graphics are okay, but could be better and/or the sounds are a little fuzzy or unclear, but tolerable. The modpack looks/sounds decent in the game, but still looks like it doesn’t quite belong in the game. The modpack has a couple errors.
4.0 – Good: The graphics are good, somewhat impressive and/or the sounds are still a little fuzzy or unclear, but hardly noticeable. The modpack looks/sounds pretty good in the game, but not quite up to the game’s standards. The modpack has at least one error.
5.0 – Excellent: The graphics are excellent! and/or the sounds are perfectly clear. The modpack looks/sounds great in the game, it either does or it almost looks like it came with the game. The modpack has no noticeable errors.

Final Thoughts

The final score for any modpack will be the average of the two rating categories. Therefore, for a modpack to be truly exceptional, it must excel at both areas.
For comparison, I made an example as follows:

-- Usefulness: 3
-- Quality: 4

-- Final score: 3.5

As with all reviews, you should always explain each category well. You should also try to give the downloader a better idea of what they are downloading and the creator of the modpack some advice on how to make improvements. And give reasons for why you marked off on each category. Modpacks can be a lot of fun to make, although a lot of work sometimes, and some make the game even more enjoyable to look at new artwork with the game. Good luck with your review and thanks for reading!

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