Graphical Genie Editing Guide by Mace

The Used Text Files
The Graphics Identifiers
Editing Those Identifiers
Projectile Editing
Creating New Units: A Very Brief Overview


Ok, you've learned how to genie edit stats. Thats great. But now its time to go deeper,and discover: The Graphical Editing Properties Of The Genie. Using this, you can change unit graphics to an extent, without having to go through the the rigors of regular modding. But remember,there is a limit (a very big limit) to what graphics can be modified using these methods.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure to follow this guide EXACTLY. Not doing so could cause horrible game errors or even mess up your computer. I take no responsibility whatsoever for any damage done to your game or computer system resulting from not following this guide.

The Used Text Files

Ok, as learned in the previous genie guide, you know to use the information contained in the genereated text files to edit the genie. Thankfully, we wont have to go through the torture of reading the data and converting to text again ;). With the information contained in the previous guide you used the text files with names like "civ1units" to edit the game. We will not be using those this time.

You may have noticed text files in your ged_data folder with names such as "graphics_dunit" "graphics_dbldgs" "graphics_units" and "graphics_proj". These are the text files youll be using. Here is the list:


That is all the text files you use.

The Graphics Identifiers

Now that you know what files to use, you have to know what to use in those files. These are the identifiers we'll be using(they will have something like "graphic_1234_" before them):


No, it isnt much, but the possibilities with these are great.

Editing Those Identifiers

The first identifier were going to look at is the "numframes" identifier. And no,it doesnt refer to the frame number in the graphics slp. It actually refers to the frame number per direction. For example a jedi knights attack has a total of 60 frames. Its numframes is 12. that means there is twelve frames for each direction: south,southwest,west,northwest,north(although there is actually a total of 8 directions, the slp only holds 5). So if you wanted the total amount of frames for the Jedi Knight to be 40 instead of 60, you would change the numframes from 12 to 8. This will make it so you would only have to make 8 frames for each direction. This is very useful, as you can add or subtract frames. You can even change the frame counts of buildings to make them animated buildings(similar to some things from AoK).

The next identifier were going to look at is the "angles" identifier. This identifier tells the genie how many directions there will be in-game. For example most units have 8 directions: south,southwest, west,northwest,north,northeast,east, and southeast. Though, as previously stated, the slp only holds 5(because it reverses). So if you wanted a trooper to be able to face in 10 directions,you would change the angles number from 8 to 10. Although when you change this, it is also advisable to change the frame count so that you can add in the two new directions. If used properly, this can be very useful. But because of the complexity of it, its really not worth it.

The last graphics identifier, is the "slp" identifier. This one isnt particularly useful, unless you can somehow add slps to the graphics.drs. This would be one of the primary graphics identifiers in making new units, But Ill get into that later. It of course will change which slp is used for something. The problem with this is that you can only use slps that are in the game :(.

Projectile Editing

For a long time modders have been wanting to edit the projectiles in the game. With a little exploration into the genie engine, I have discovered how to mod lasers. I have changed every projectile in the game, except for the gungans because theirs is stupid(A.K.A I didnt feel like it :p). The first step in projectile editing is to know how the projectiles work. Contrary to prior belief, a laser isnt a graphic in itself, but is actually a string of graphics. The laser for the trooper is actually made up of a string of 3 x 3 pixel images (though you can change that). Theres about 16 in each laser. Thats about all there is to know about the lasers. Note that this does not directly involve the genie, but i figured it just as well to put it in here.

Now it is time for some hands-on experience. Open the trusty ol' DRS viewer. Open the graphics.DRS and go to slp 2738. It looks like some miscellaneous graphic, but it is actually the laser used by troopers,fighters, and assorted heros (and possibly other units). Your wondering how a dot can be a laser.

a laser isnt a graphic in itself, but is actually a string of graphics

That's the answer. The genie takes that dot and stretches it into the laser you see in the game. Basically if you wanted to make troopers shoot,for example, blue lasers, you would change that dot to a blue dot. So thats what were going to do as an example is to change it to a blue laser. Extract the slp from the DRS and open it in the editor. Convert it to an slx, then open the frame in paint (yup, theres only one frame:p). Zoom in to 1000% or 8x. Change the red parts to blue(0,0,255). Then change the yellow dot in the center to a light blue(0,128,255).Save it, then go back to the mod editor. Generate the data as usual, but remember this: TURN THE SHADOWING AND PLAYER COLORS OFF. The masking is still essential. Once your done with that, convert the slx to an slp. Make it so the slp replaces 2738, then add a readme and create the mpi file. Install the mod and see it in-game. Thats it.Thats all it takes to edit lasers. Following is a list of what slp is what laser (though some im not sure of).

2708 - Rebel fighter
2709 - looks to be the same.
2710 - same again
2711 - same
2712 - still same
2713 - last of the same (thank God:p)
2714 - some type of gungan projectile
2715 - the same thing
2716 - another gungan projectile
2717 - another gungan projectile
2718 - yet another one
2719 - yup. thats right. another
2719 - another one
2720 - another one
2721 - another...:{
2722 - not totally sure of this
2723 - gungan projectile
2724 - granade for the grenade trooper
2725 - Destroyer Droid laser
2726 - Pretty sure its the airspeeder
2727 - the artillery shot
2728 - the artillery trail
2729-2732 - dont bother with these
2733 - have no clue
2734 - I think its the fortress laser
2735 - uh...your guess is as good as mine
2736 - mech destroyer shot
2737 - turret/imperial fighter/republic fighter shot
2738 - the trooper/aircraft shot
2739 - the bounty hunter laser
2740 - uh....gungan?
2741 - Assault mech like shot
2742 - same thing
2743 - similar, but with distance difference
2744 - same
2745 - Assault Mech
2746 - Turret missile
2746 - missile trooper/anti-air mobile missile
Clone Campaigns
4567 - Aircruiser
4568 - Aircruiser trail
4679 - A-wing
4680 - unknown
4683 - Jedi Starfighter

Creating New Units: A Very Brief Overview

Well, because many of you were wondering this, I decided to include a brief overview in this guide.But I would like you to keep in mind that this has not been proven. This is all theoretically possible, but that does not mean that it will work.

First off all, would be to create a new entry into the language.dll. Next you would have to actually create the unit data. Finally you would have to create the unit graphics which is impossible because we cant add slps to the DRS. Now the info wasnt deep, due to the fact if I go deep we could be here for a while(and I dont feel like typing all of it up ;)).


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