Poser Series: Part 2: Attaching Clothing, Objects and Hair by Izzy


Commentary: Ah, so you got passed the first part! Today, on part of the Poser guide, we shall go over attaching clothing, objects and hair to models. Remember, clothing and objects are different things. Clothing can "bend" with a model, while objects only move with it.
  1. Let's get started. As we continued off from last week, we were able to put together a template for future projects, keep in mind, you can always experiment with the lightings and shape of the figure to match his/her personality to the character you're modeling after.
  2. Let's start off by loading up your model, or you can start over again.
  3. Now let's say you wanted to attach a pair of shorts to your character. Open up the menu that's to the right of your screen, it should bring up eight different areas. Click the one that says "figures". After that, scroll through the drop down menu and look for something that says "Clothing-Male" (or female, depending on what you're making).
  4. Now, select the shirt you want, but DON'T double click. Double clicking on a new figure will erase your original. Doing this will completely unable you to get your figure back, unless you saved it before. When you highlight a figure, there should be 4 options that appear at the bottom, a check, two checks, a plus symbol and a minus symbol. Click the symbol with TWO checks.
  5. Clicking this will create a new figure, but will not override your original. The figure should be placed slightly over where this object is supposed to go, some newer figures don't do this, however.
  6. Now for attaching it, to attach it, select the model, to find out what the name is, some of them should be labeled "Figure 1" or "Michael" or "Male 3". When you find what he's called, select the pants or clothing you want to attach and look at the top for a menu that says "Figure" then look for an option that says "Conform" to, this is where you should remember what the figure you're attaching the object to is called. Select the name of the figure (If you're doing this right, there should only be one listed, but as you go along making figures, the list gets considerably longer) and press OK. Doing this should attach the clothing to the body, if it doesn't look like it fits, you can scroll through the other pants they have, and try them all on.
  7. Now for attaching items and hair. At the top of the menu where you select the pants you want should be a miniature version of the bigger menu from earlier, look for the one that says "props". Scroll through the props and look for an item (hats, swords, cloaks, etc), double click it. Props and hair don't override models. A good object to test is the cylinder.
  8. Select the cylinder, and a menu to the right should appear (depending on your resolution, it may be under your objects, figures and items menu, so you may need to move it) this should give you a bunch of rolling knobs that let you change the parameters of the cylinder.
  9. Using X-Tran to move it left or right, Y-Tran to move it up or down, and Z-Tran to move it closer or farther, move to a place on the body you'd like to attach it to. In this case, you can glue it to his head. TIP: When you move things around, move to the HEAD camera, and use it to rotate around, then move back to the posing camera to take render shots (will be explained later on). If you do happen to mess up the camera, you can always go back and apply the camera to your model.
  10. To glue props or hair to an object, position it like explained above. When you have it right, go to the top and look for the menu "Object", then look for "Change Parent". Scroll through the long list of all the body parts on figure 1, look for a body part labeled "head". If you're attaching a skirt or something to a figure, and the skirt is NOT a figure, you use the "inherit bends" option, which bends with the legs or body.
  11. Hope it wasn't too complex! Have fun! And happy rendering! Stay tuned for next week's guide: Part 3- Coloring objects and textures.

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