Bitmap Instruction Screens by AoErat

As you have probably noticed, in your scenarios, when you run them, there is a large blank spot above the instructions that you entered. In this area you can place an image, much like the scenarios that came with the game.

Download this file (Bitmap, 155 kb). You can open this file with any image program.

Once you have the file, you can place any graphics you would like on it. These can include a logo for the scenario, a map, visual instructions, etc.

There are some limitations, however. The color palette that the game uses for the instruction bitmap is limited to shades of blue, and a few red shades. You must apply the game's palette to your image for it to work correctly in the game.

Download the Palette (.PAL file, 2 kb, created by The Vampire Slayer)

To load this palette onto your image, you need a program that is capable of applying palettes. Programs such as Photoshop, Coreldraw, and Paint Shop Pro can all do this.

If you have none of these, you can download the evaluation version of Paint Shop Pro. You can get it here. (32 mb)

In Paint Shop Pro, simply select Colors > Apply Palette, and select the palette I linked to earlier. For other programs, you must find out how to do it yourself. Usually, finding an option such as "Load Palette" will work.

Your image should convert to shades of blue and red. There is no way past this limitation.

Place your newly-created image in your main folder for SWGB. (Usually C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds\Game)

Open SWGB and go to the scenario editor. Once there, load your scenario and click the Cinematics button along the top. The right-most option allows you to select your bitmap image.

(Note that the instructions screen will not display if you use "Test" within the editor. You must run the scenario conventionally.)

Good luck!

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