River Banks by Tartarus

Many scenarios containing rivers lack a certain realistic beauty to them, causing the map design score to down. So having a realistic looking river is a necessity if you are trying to make a river based scenario.

1. First off we need to make a medium sized strip of elevation two where you want to place your river. Surround the river with a fairly large area of elevation three. If you're looking for a little higher elevated riverbank try using elevation four or five, but try not to go over that. After completing step one your screen should look something similar to this:

2. After completing step one make a thin strip of water medium running through the center of your river. This adds a more realistic look to your river. It should look something like this:

3. Now onto the final step. Add lots of Gaia, especially flowers to the bank of the river. To make the scene look even more realistic add some animals. Be sure to add some aquatic flowers to the waters edge, but make sure you don't add too much or it will take away the realistic look. Your ending scene should look something similar to this:

This is a modified SWGB version of Freedumb's AOK article, "River Banks"

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