Poser Series: Getting Started: Using Poser to create a Genie Engine sized Unit by Izzy


Commentary: This is for all of you who decided to go a step further in modding AOK and SWGB, and making your units look as live like as possible! Since I have been aware of all the complications Poser gave to people, I decided to design a simple article which will describe how to make units* in a few easy steps. In this guide, I promise to hopefully explicitly explain how I, and many other designers (Such as those in Wildfire Games) use Poser as a tool to create these units. *Please take note that I mean units that are human shaped. So creatures such as Ewoks, Kaadus, and R2-Units will be nearly impossible to create

All right, when you start up poser, you should see a pretty generic person standing and staring at you. Don’t worry about him. Delete it. He’s a basic model, which has barely any usable geometry. It can’t do much, since it’s limited to a lot of areas.

  1. I included a few files you can use. (Zipped up) It will include some new lighting patterns, and some camera views. These should match the characters in the genie engine (AOK, SWGB).
    -The Light Files go into your “Runtime\Libraries\light\Light Sets” folder" folder
    -The Camera Files go into your “Runtime\Libraries\camera\Camera Sets” folder
  2. Now, let’s start making the ground. Look at the top for a button that says “Display”, from there look for “Guides”, it should be on the very bottom of the selection menu. From there, select “Ground Plane”, or simply press CTRL+G.
  3. Now at the top, there should be a menu that says, “Render”, from there press “Materials”, to make things easier, just press CTRL+U. At the top of the prompt window that shows up, look for something that says “Object”, and there should be a drop down menu. Look for the object “Ground”. What you want to do is make sure that this is PURE white, so that when you render, half of the image won’t be a different shade of white.
    -Don’t forget to make sure that no Texture map is selected; on default the ground is given a generic looking ground texture. Get rid of it by pressing the drop down menu provided, and move it onto “none”.
    -To change the shade of the ground to white, select “Object Color” button, and choose the purest shade of white, do this with the “Highlight Color” button as well. Don’t manually change the color.
  4. Now, remember the buttons “Object Color” and “Highlight Color” in the material prompt window? You may recall a button that says “Ambient Color” this is actually the color that decides what color the shadow* is going to be. Depending on the basic color of the unit, choose the color of the shadow you want. For example, if your character is mainly blue, choose red, if he’s mainly green, choose red, but if he’s red choose that generic green color.
    *Unfortunately, shadows in Poser anti alias on default, and I have yet been able to turn it off.
  5. Now, to change the background. This should be easy; go to “Display”, and select “Background Color”, choose white. Remember, NEVER choose the color manually when dealing with the ground color and the background color, you may not see it, but chances are it’s not white, but a very close shade to it which will conflict with thousands of things.
  6. You should be basically set to start working on the model, stay tuned for next weeks guide: Clothing and Hair colors!

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