Moving Soldiers by Tartarus

Before you can properly engage in combat with an enemy, it is important to know and understand the best methods of transporting soldiers by foot. There are the basic steps to this, as well as some more advanced steps.

Basic Select-and-Go

This is the basic way of transporting soldiers by foot across the landscape. You can select an individual soldier by clicking on that unit with the left-mouse button (assuming you have it set on defaults). This will “highlight” that unit. Now you can right-click anywhere on the screen to move that unit to that spot. This task can grow tedious if wanting to move a large army, so to make it easier on you, you can select a larger force by using the “click-and-drag” method. In this method, all you have to do is click (left-button) and hold the button down as you drag a box over your soldiers. This will select every unit within that box (as long as it is within a reasonable amount). Notice that you can see how many soldiers you has selected (as well as some other stats) at the bottom of the screen. Now, to move these soldiers, all you have to do is “right-click” anywhere on the screen, and the highlighted soldiers will move to that spot.

Travelling via Way-Points

As you play more often, you will often run into the problem of soldiers walking right into enemy forces by mistake, or otherwise going through locations you do not wish them to go through. This is because the game creates the straightest line possible to get from Point A to Point B, even if it means marching right through an enemy city. However, you can get complete control of how and where your soldiers move by using “way-points”. To set a way-point, highlight the soldiers you wish to move, and then hold down the “Shift” key (assuming default settings) and then clicking several points along the landscape. Notice the indicators which mark way-points. Now, after you have set your way-points, release the “Shift” key and right-click the location where you want to go. As your soldiers march, they will follow the path you have made using way-points rather then simply marching in a straight line. Way-points are useful as they can keep your troops away from danger in one single command.

Travelling via “Mini-Map”

While travelling long distances, it is not entirely necessary to have the location visible on the display screen. Instead, you can highlight your soldiers and click a location on the “mini-map” at the bottom corner of the screen. Your troops will then make their way to this point that you have selected. This is useful when executing large attacks with multiple divisions, as well as useful for scouting.

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