Placement of Resource Processing Centers by AoErat

There are four types of Resource Processing Centers, one for each resource. (food, carbon, nova, ore)

Resource Processing Centers are best used by placing them near resources as to decrease the walking/rolling distance of your Workers.

Many new players make the mistake of letting their Workers move too far to harvest resources, which in turn increased the time it takes to get resources, and therefore increases the time it takes to build new buildings and units, as well as technology researching.

It is best to place Resource Processing Centers within one square of resource, but not right next to them. This allows workers to harvest right between the resources and the Resource Processing Center, decreasing movement time to zero. The only exception to this is with carbon, in which you should place it as close as possible.

Resource Specific: Carbon: It is also a good idea to try to build Carbon Processing Centers on the south side of carbon resources if it is convenient. This allows you to more easily gauge where to set worker production waypoints, and build the Carbon Processing Center close enough.

Food: The general tips above apply mostly to berries. For hunting, place the Food Processing Centers in the general center of the herd. This decreases Worker moving distance in general. Also, whenever you build a Food Processing Center, consider that you may need to place Farms around it later in the game, and try to place it so there is open room for Farms all around it, if possible.

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