The Effective Use of Shield Generators by Krud139


Shield Generators are a much needed bonus to any base defense. Shield Generators generate a shield around a certain area, about the size of one screen around. A Power Core must power the Shield Generator, or it will not generate the shield. The shield generates over time around buildings and units. Over time, it doubles the total hitpoints of any unit inside the shield. It generates about 500 hitpoints per game minute to every building or unit inside. However, once a unit leaves the shield, it looses all of its protection, and its health is vulnerable to enemy fire.


Shield generators become available in the third tech level. Their cost, 200 ore is relatively equal to their benefits. Shield generators offer lasting protection over a wide deployment area. When deploying a shield generator it would be wise to first build a Power Core right next to the generator’s location for without one the Shield Generator will not function. It is a very wise decision to build a second Power Core within range of the generator for it is easier to take out a single Power Core than assault the Shield Generator itself. When within range of to Power Cores it forces the enemy to have to attack the generator head on while being harassed by your forces. I recommend that a compliment of units, 5 Storm Troopers, or 3 towers defend every shield generator. This protects the building itself if the enemy decides to attack it. It also protects the generator if the enemy should attack it in heavy numbers, allowing some defense while you move the main body of your troops in to counter attack.

Tactical Uses

Shield Generators are best used for defending key trails and roads much rather than wide open fields. Shield Generators are also very good for defending specific targets from enemy attack, especially from the air. Shield generators also have some offensive capability too. When assaulting an enemy base, building some Mech factories and Troop Centers next to it allows for a quick replenishment of your forces. Building a shield generator around this staging area keeps your buildings and units relatively safe before they march into combat. When attacking a strategic area, building a Shield Generator around a spot where heavy fighting will be taking place often is a good idea because it gives your units the extra hitpoints they need to make it through the fight. With a wide array of uses, Shield Generators are among the most valuable buildings in the game.

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