Use of Formations by AoErat

Formations play a fairly minor role in SWGB, however, if used correctly in tactical situations, they can be to your advantage. There are four (4) types of formations. Note that formations are only available when advanced mode is on. (see interface tip for more information) Each formation is explained below.

Line FormationLine - The Line Formation is the default. It forms all your selected units up into a line. It is generally the most used. It is also good for having a lot of units in a small place.

Staggered FormationStaggered - The Stagggered Formation spaces your units out, leaving one tile of space in between each. This formation is good for use against enemy units that deal splash-damage. Less units will be affected by the damage.

Box FormationBox - The Box Formation is best for protecting valuable units. It is useful for units that must stay alive in Campaigns. There is little to no use for it in multiplayer games or those on random maps against the computer.

Flanking FormationFlank - The Flanking Formation can make for some interesting tactics. It splits your selected units into two (2) groups, so you can effectively attack from two different sides, ie flanking.

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