The Art of Sieging by Tantive

Your first step in preparing a siege should be, of course, building your army. Your army dpends upon what kind of strategy you will use. If you wish to use a long range artillery guarded by troopers strategy, then you should stock up on Artillery, Cannons, Anti-Air Troopers, Troopers, Grenade Troops, and Strike Mechs /Mech Destroyers. All of these will play an important role in your attack. For an up-close ramming strategy, stock up on pummels, anti-air mobiles, Assault Mechs, troopers, and mounted troopers. For anyone who wants to use both a long range and in your face ramming attack, stock up on Artillery, Cannons, Pummels, Mounted Troopers, Mechs, and Anti-Air Troopers.

Attacking with a long range strategy

Your first step should be to set up your cannons far enough from the enemy target so that they will not be attacked, but will be in range for a shot at some buildings. have your cannons deploy at that spot, then form a solid line with your Troopers, Mechs, and Anti-Air Troopers in front of the cannons. Place the Artillery directly behind them, in front of the cannons. If your cannons obliterate everything in their range, move the line of defense up closer, still yet out of range of any turrets or Fortresses. Again, set the cannons up behind them, and the artillery in between the cannons and troops. Once you have broken into the enemy's base, things get a bit trickier. You must now make your line into a three sided defense, with one line in front of the cannons, and two on the sides. You may need to provide reinforcements from your base, so be ready to train troops. If you can succeed in getting to the end of your opponents base, and you have thouroughly clread the area of most of his troops, then let your forces loose and massacre the city.

Attacking with an up-close ram strategy.

First of all, you should build a ton, and I mean a ton of troopers for this attack. Distraction is a key factor. Bring your troopers forward, distracting enemy troops and turrets/Fortresses. Now bring the pummels up through the fighting, and wreak havoc. This kind of attack is costly, requiring many reinforcements from your base. Concentrate on distracting with mainly troopers and mechs. Artillery may be used also. this is pretty much the same strategy used for the entire attack. If it works, this attack can be devastating.

Attacking with a long range and ram attack.

First bring up your cannons, mechs, troopers, AA troopers, and artillery. Begin with the long range strategy above. When you have broken through the enemy's wall, begin to use the ram attack shown just above. As you attack ram style, continue a long range artillery barrage. This attack should play out similiar to the other ones. Just don't let the enemy get to the siege weapons! Once you have broken into the base, have your cannons stay near the entrance with a contingent of troopers and pick on buildings there. Take the rest forward and, well, destroy your enemy

I hope this guide helps you with a siege!

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