News Archive for October 2004

Server Updates
[Posted by Mace, 10.28.2004 @ 10:43:AM]

HG will be having it's database server upgraded on Friday (10/29/04) and will be somewhere between 6 AM and 4 PM EST. During this time, anything in HG that relies on a database will be down. Now that you're forewarned, please don't message me "What's with X problem?" like everyone seems to do when HG has the slightest technical error ;-)

Nyro Legends: Dawn of the End
[Posted by Mace, 10.9.2004 @ 2:11:PM]

Local designer Darkness Clide (Also known as Xcaliber) is working on his newest campaign, Nyro Legends: Dawn of the End, the prequel to his yet-to-be-completed campaign Nyro Genesis. This looks promising with features such as a Force system and multiple paths. You can check out information, screenshots, and more in the thread