News Archive for October 2003

Garry Gaber Leaves Lucasarts
[Posted by Mace, 10.15.2003 @ 5:44:PM]

It appears that Garry Gaber, the project leader of Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, has resigned from Lucasarts. Details on his resignation are sketchy, but DarthMaulUK has provided some information regarding Gaber here.

The Sharanz Chronicles
[Posted by Echuu, 10.11.2003 @ 8:56:PM]

Shane_Siegfried has given us an overview of his upcoming campaign, the Sharanz Chronicles...

It is the New Republic's finest hour. The Imperial Remnant is on the brink of destruction and total annihilation.

The Red Faction, one of the largest merchant organizations in the Galaxy, yearns to have complete hegemony over all of the spaceports in the Galaxy. But the New Republic has sent a transmission that stated that the organization must be divided evenly amongst other systems.

Denying that the New Republic ever sent that transmission, the Red Faction looked to another source: the Imperial Remnant. Sharanz, leader of the Red Faction met with the remaining Moffs and Warlords to discuss a truce that would endanger the Galaxy...

Read more in the Scenario Design thread Here.

Tales of the Jedi Knights III
[Posted by Mace, 10.3.2003 @ 12:33:PM]

Kowe_el_ewok has announced the third installment in his Tales of the Jedi Knights series.


Tales of Jedi Knights III
--Chronicles: Tales of Masters & Apprentices--

There is a disturbance in the force, important things are gestating in the heart of the Republic, several Jedi Knights have shown their disagreement with the performance of the Jedi Order and they have decided to abandon the Order...
At the same time an Wookiee expedition to the distant planet called Moltok and escorted by the Jedi Master Rangun Basel, it has been reported as missing. Fearing the worst thing the Wookiee Senator, Yarva has requested the help privately to the Jedi Council.
The Jedi Masters has decided to help the Wookiee Senator and they have called to the Master Qui-Gon Jinn and to his apprentice the young Obi-Wan Kenobi to assign them the resolution of the case..

You can find the full showcase here.

New Poll; Results from last
[Posted by AoErat, 10.2.2003 @ 5:18:PM]

We've just added a brand new poll asking when you purchased SWGB. It will be interesting to see how popular the game is now as opposed to when it first came out.

Our old poll, asking if you'd like a SWGB II, has been retired at 1501 votes! Thank you all for participating.

Results: 95.6% were in favor, and 4.3% voted no.