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Scenario Editor-Only Units
[Posted by AoErat, 10.27.2001 @ 9:34:PM]

Are you interested in creating scenarios & campaigns for SWGB? Get a head-start and check out SWGB Heaven's complete Scenario Editor unit list, right here: There are over 200 of them, quite a load.

New SWGB official site and trailer
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.26.2001 @ 6:39:PM]

We announced it two days ago, but here it is.

It has lots of information on the game(you will see what every races units and buildings look like) and is very nice to look at.

So, head over to this site to see it.

And now, the trailer. I haven't finished downloading it yet, but you might want to check it out here. It's 5.6 megs and encoded with Quicktime.

Feel free to talk about the site and the trailer in our forums :-).

Star Wars : GB goes gold
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.24.2001 @ 8:23:PM]

Well, it was expected since the last news post, but now it's official. Star Wars : Galactic Battlegrounds has gone gold and will be in stores on November 12th. Also, the official site and a trailer will be released this friday, October 26th here.

    The destiny of a galaxy hangs in the balance, and you are in command. LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC is pleased to announce that Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds (PC Windows) has been approved for manufacturing and is expected in stores the week of November 12th! Lead the armies of the Star Wars saga to victory in intense, real-time strategy clashes. Enter the fray as the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Wookiees, Trade Federation, Gungans and Royal Naboo to determine the final outcome of the Galactic Civil War.

    Visit the new official Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds web site which launches this Friday with more game info, art and the premiere of the game trailer!

    Attention! Time to report for duty! Pre-order your copy of Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds today and secure your FREE EXCLUSIVE Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds dog tags*! Limited edition box features the signatures of the talented team behind this game; plus, FREE shipping and handling!

    Order by calling toll-free 1-888-LEC-GAMES or by visiting

    *Premium items are available in limited supply. Offer good while supplies last. Free shipping offer valid on standard delivery within the United States only; normal expedited and Canadian shipping rates apply.

SW : GB Punk launches
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.24.2001 @ 6:36:PM]


October 24, 2001 - SCN Punk, a hosted site of HeavenGames LLC announced the launch of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Punk, the latest of a series of scenario designing based sites based on such titles as Empire Earth, Age of Kings, and others.

Slated for release in November of 2001, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game developed by LucasArts, based on the engine developed for the award-winning Age of Kings series by Ensemble Studios/Microsoft. The game covers the Star Wars expanded universe, witnessing the birth and demise of the Imperial Empire, and the legends of the Jedi & Sith.

Heading the site are Enrique Orduno and Stan "The Conquistador". Of course, there will need to be more than this skeleton crew to run this potent site. So, if interested, please email Enrique Orduno or Stan.

SWGB Gone Gold?
[Posted by AoErat, 10.23.2001 @ 9:13:PM]

The latest EB World newsletter mentions that they have word from Lucasarts that SWGB has Gone Gold, that is, been finalized in all aspects. In other words, Gone Gold means the game is done. Then, all that needs to happen before the game is in your hands is making the CDs, sticking 'em in a box with documentation, and shipping them off to the distributors.

The release date is tentatively set for the 13th of November, to be shipped by the 12th, according to EB World and

Quoted from EB Games newsletter:

We heard today from our LucasArts contact that Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds has gone gold. This is very good news for both real-time strategy and Star Wars fans. Galactic Battlegrounds combines a game engine adapted from the definitive Age of Empires series with the immersive Star Wars galaxy. Play as the Empire, the Alliance, Wookies or even those freaky Gungans. Embark on huge campaigns filled with challenging skirmishes, mission objectives and over 300 different units that include Jedi Knights, AT-ATs and snowspeeders

Gamespy Previews SWGB
[Posted by AoErat, 10.22.2001 @ 5:16:PM]

Gamespy previews each of the civilizations, as well as general gameplay in their new article on SWGB.

Looks like the folks at Gamespy enjoyed the beta build of the game:

Now LucasArts is attempting to recapture some of the old magic with Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. We had a chance to put a beta build through its paces and one thing is clear: LucasArts is playing it very safe with this game, but it's also obvious that, unless things dramatically change from now until it ships on November 13, it should please Star Wars fans and real-time strategy fans alike that are still reeling from the titanic failure that was Force Commander.

Read the complete preview here:

Forum party tomorrow
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.19.2001 @ 10:07:PM]

Well, one of our forummers DarLinkX decided to start a forum party tomorrow in Trial Room 2. It'll take place between 2 PM and 7 PM EST, but of course the party can go on after 7 o'clock. To avoid confusion, you should label your games SWGBH forum party, password(if you want to) : HUNTER.

Wanna talk about the party, post here.

I hope to see you there(I should be there). :-)

New Gamespot Preview: Naboo & Trade Federation
[Posted by AoErat, 10.19.2001 @ 7:55:PM]

Gamespot has released it's second SWGB civilization showcase, this time on the Naboo and Trade Federation. We learn what exactly both civilizations are good at, and how they are played:

The Trade Federation is a brutish civilization that relies on troopers and mechs to steamroll through enemy factions. Their units are not sophisticated, but they are effective.

The Royal Naboo are good with air units and Jedi. They are better in both categories than even the Rebels and Empire, respectively. The Naboo get all air units, which consist of air transports, bombers, and fighters.

Check out the full preview here:,10869,2819069,00.html

You want some background music ?
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.15.2001 @ 4:59:PM]

If so, there is a way to do so that doesn't involve hacking the game ;-).

Create a Midi folder in the Game directory of SW:GB and then. You will need to convert the music files you want to hear to midi(*.mid), then renaming them to music1, music2, music3... Finally, copy/paste them in your Midi folder and when you'll play the game will play your files one after the other.

Thanks to HyPeR for the info that he posted in our forums :-)

Tips and Tactics Section Updated
[Posted by AoErat, 10.14.2001 @ 7:40:PM]

Fairly new to SWGB? Looking to improve your game or gain general knowledge? Check out SWGB Heaven's Tips & Tactics page, now updated with several new entries.


When you pop open the box....
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.13.2001 @ 6:26:PM]

....What will be the first thing you'll do ?

That's the question asked in a poll in our forums. Tell us what you'll do... will you rush to the editor, or maybe try all the random maps or just rush to the zone to get a game going ?

Go to this forum thread to tell us what you'll do with the game once you get it.

Heroes Section Added!
[Posted by Tartarus, 10.13.2001 @ 6:12:PM]

An all new Heroes section has been added to the Menu. In this section, you will find a brief (sometimes not-so brief ;)) background on 10 of the many Hero units included in the game. More Heroes will be added in the near future.

Go to Heroes Section:

Cheats section
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.12.2001 @ 5:15:PM]

I've been getting lots of emails about the cheats recently, so I decided to post this.

We have all the cheats found on the cheats page(don't have a link with me :-/), so if you want to check them, click on it ;-).

By the way, you might want to check the many sections of SWGBH, it's updated almost daily by new information about the game.

SWGB Chat Transcript Available
[Posted by AoErat, 10.10.2001 @ 8:52:PM]

For those of you who missed the chat with Garry Gaber, design lead of SWGB, Lucasarts has posted the transcript on their website. Check it out here:

5 new cheats
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.10.2001 @ 6:38:AM]

Here are 5 new cheats, I received 4 of them by email this morning and the last one is the one from the chat :

ForceCarbon : Gives 1000 wood
ForceFood :Gives 1000 food
ForceOre : Gives 1000 ore
ForceNova : Gives 1000 nova
ForceBoat : If used on water(the mouse cursor is on water), it will reveal a part of the map(might do something else that I didn't notice).

Check our Cheats section for all known cheats.

Some chat info
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.9.2001 @ 9:16:PM]

Here is some info I gathered from the chat, I won't align it since it'll take too long. Tomorrow, we'll have the full chat transcript :

Tutorial campaign narrator= Qui-Gon Jin
There will be 1 video in the game, plus the cut-scenes
AT-AT's have a minimum range that can be decreased with a technology
There will be underwater stuff for the editor
Hoth is one of the missions inclued in the game and a locale map
They fixed some gliches of the demo and some bugs
Fambbaa shield generators have a smaller radius than normal ones
No Linux/mac version planned anytime soon
Forceboat is a cheat, if it is typed over water, it will show a radius of the map around the mouse pointer
All civs have an assault mech class unit
Wedge Antilles is in the game
Luke is in as a normal unit, a snowspeeder and a x-wing
You can co-op in single-player/multi scenarios
Emperor/Darth Sidious is in as 2 different units
43 single-player scns inclued
Wookies get wood bonuses
Kas tank are one of wookiee's mechs
Yoda is a scenario editor unit, he is not used in the campaign
Final wookiee campaign is supposed to be the hardest campaign
Besin and Theed art sets are provided in the scenario editor
No podracers
Lando and Lando in millenium falcon are in
Leia won't be in her metal bikini(E6) ;-)
Imperial repeater troopers carry EWEB blasters
Trade federation gets more upgrades in the spaceport than other civs
Attichuck campaign is the learning campaign
Hidden characters and vehicles
Jabba the Hutt is not in the game
There is a hoth battle scenario with all of the blizzard walkers represented in it
No custom hitpoints/armor change
Grenade troopers are very good against mechs

That's all what I got, that ForceBoat cheat is pretty nice too and we finally got the real use of the grenade troopers.

Chat tonight
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.9.2001 @ 3:45:PM]

Tonight at 6pm there will be a big chat with Garry Gaber, SW:GB's director.

Make sure to attend to the chat, you can already submit your question using the submit form. Click here to get to the chat.

I'm sure this will be a great chat.

Preview at Intelgamer
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.7.2001 @ 1:50:PM]

Intelgamer published a new preview of SW : GB. Altough the writer didn't seem to have played the demo online, it's still a good read. It also has some nice screenshots.

    Some of the other features that LucasArts is hyping the game with are:
    -Combat arenas extend from interstellar asteroids and aerial encounters to submerged cities and ground battles.
    -Manage your resources and integrate the power of upgradable technology into your strategy, such as Wookie ingenuity, advanced Gungan biotechnology and Jedi stamina. Each technology level brings new wonders and new forces.
    -Use the scenario editor to create custom single- or multiplayer battlegrounds with virtually any Star Wars units and settings.

I'm wondering what he means by Wonders and Combat arenas. But, I can't wait to see a "combat arena" in a submerged city.

Click here to check the preview(2 pages long).

Want to test the units offline ?
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.6.2001 @ 2:04:PM]

Well, like in Aok and TC, you can load a recorded game, save it and load it to be able to play. Altough the computer player won't do anything, it can be useful to test the units, the technologies and the buildings.

Thanks to antpocas for finding this out. He also uploaded some recorded games you can use if you don't want to record games or if you have none. Click here to download the recorded games.

The files are of 400 kbs.

Units Section Near Completion
[Posted by Pigin, 10.5.2001 @ 11:03:PM]

Finally, it's almost finished. All units have been added to the Units section. We're still working hard to get all the pictures added. There may also be minor errors in the unit info. No worries, we'll get everything fixed and in good working order A.S.A.P.


3 Civs added to Units Section
[Posted by Pigin, 10.3.2001 @ 10:33:PM]

Good Evening everyone!

We've been working hard to get everything running on the site. A mini tech tree has been added for the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, and Wookies. The Trade Federation is almost done as well.

You may notice that many of the images aren't there yet. We're working on getting that fixed as well :)

The entire section should be up very soon for your viewing enjoyment. Check out what we have so far here.

Civs showcases at Gamespot
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.3.2001 @ 6:53:PM]

That's right, Gamespot got 2 faction showcases for us this week : The Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

The showcase is 6 pages long and is very informative : there's a whole page dedicated to Sith and the techs related to them, you can learn many counter-units and it talks about the game's mechanics.

    LucasArts' upcoming real-time strategy game, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, is close to shipping. It should arrive on store shelves by mid-November. Between now and then, GameSpot has secured exclusive coverage of this game to bring you detailed information while you eagerly await its arrival. The focus of the game is on the continuing war between the six factions of the game: Empire, Rebel, Royal Naboo, Trade Federation, Wookies, and Gungans. Each has its own flavor, unique unit, different gameplay style, and varied complement of technologies and units.

They will release the next 2 showcases in two weeks, so stay tuned. ;-)

Here are the showcases. :-)

Gamespy Arcade
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.3.2001 @ 4:36:PM]

If you are bored of the Zone or if the rooms are always full, you can try Gamespy Arcade. Altough the interface might be confusing for a new user, it's still a very good matchmaking program.

Download it here

Thanks to 1Archer1 for the info:).

New Wallpaper at
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.3.2001 @ 4:28:PM]

The gang at Lucasarts(official site) have released a new high wallpaper in three different sizes : 800X600, 1024X728 and 1600X1200. So, if you want a cool new wallpaper, make sure to drop by their community section.

A release date....
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.2.2001 @ 5:10:PM]

In a recent post by Garry Gaber in the Galactic Battleground forums, he mentions a possible release date, but nothing is sure. The game might be shipped in November before Thanksgiving. Here is the full post by Garry :


    As you all are probably now discovering, a demo of our game has gone live on the web. This was meant to provide an initial taste of the game, as well as giving a hint as to the depth of what is yet to come. Aside from conveying a feel for the single-player structure, we're excited that we were able to include multi-player to let you know how this area will work.

    As a team, we are now in the last couple days of beta before entering the final Quality Assurance trials. Art is locked, features are locked, sound is locked and campaign levels are locked. Now we do a serious final look for any serious bugs and then a short time later, we GO GOLD! Which means, if everything goes smoothly, this puppy should be in stores sometime shortly before Thanksgiving.

    The official word from Marketing on this: the final in-store date has not quite been set (despite some posted notices to the contrary), although we are on track for a pre-Thanksgiving November ship date. The final in-store date is effected by a variety of factors beyond the software itself, including manufacturing schedules, printed materials schedules, shipping schedules, etc. So while it's a bit pre-mature to announce an actual in-store date at this point, we do feel confident in saying at this point that we'll be in stores before Thanksgiving.

    Garry M. Gaber
    Star Wars:Galactic Battlegrounds

...They won't make any changes to gameplay anymore, so I guess what we see now is probably what we'll see in the final release. But, anyway, let's cross our fingers and hope it won't be delayed.

An X-Pack ? Maybe...
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 10.1.2001 @ 5:39:PM]

In a recent interview realized by HomeLan, Garry Gaber, director for Galactic Battleground, gave out some nice information about SW: GB, like the possibility for an expansion pack :

    HomeLAN - Finally, with Episode II coming up next year, are there plans for an Episode II expansion pack for the game?

    Garry Gaber - I'm not at liberty to discuss future projects, but as soon as I can, I'll let you know.

Although it's still a bit early to be talking about the X-Pack since the game hasn't been released yet, I find that comment intriguing. I can’t wait until he is allowed to talk about these future projects.

If you want to read the rest of the interview and learn more about that wonderful game and some problems they encountered, make sure to read the interview at HomeLan.