News Archive for August 2004

Shadows of Lightning II: Abyss Released!
[Posted by Echuu, 8.22.2004 @ 9:38:AM]

Astro_mech, a talented designer from Rogue Creations and author of the first Turn-Based RPG for SWGB, Shadows of Lightning, has just released his long-awaited sequel. This was a very well done campaign, and a must download for any RPG fan. This sequel sports even more features than the first, and also has optional music downloads.

Get all the info - Here

New From SCN Punk: Hero of Prophecies
[Posted by Mace, 8.5.2004 @ 9:27:AM]

Master Echuu, staff member and talented scenario designer for SCN Punk, has given us a sneak preview of his reborn campaign, Hero of Prophecies. The campaign will sport new features, such as equipping armor and accessories, pre-battle force commands, and his very own turn-based battle system for boss fights. Judging by his screenshots and the comments from his playtesters, this sounds like it will be another excellent piece of work from Echuu.

Check out the showcase preview Here