News Archive for August 2001

More News - New Screenshot
[Posted by AoErat, 8.29.2001 @ 11:00:PM]

Lucasarts as posted yet another screenshot on their site, this time of an Imperial base. Check it out in the screenshot section.

[Posted by AoErat, 8.29.2001 @ 11:00:PM]

Computer Gaming World (the print magazine) has released an article about SWGB. Three new screenshots, and quite a bit of new information. For example, the Royal Naboo's Unique Unit (UU) is the Royal Crusader, that is "essentially a mini-jedi".

Buildings Section Updated
[Posted by AoErat, 8.24.2001 @ 11:00:PM]

The Buildings section has been updated with several buildings: The Command Center, Resource Processing Center, and several Turret Classes, along with art for several other buildings.

More Concept Art!
[Posted by AoErat, 8.23.2001 @ 11:00:PM]

Lucasarts recently posted 10 new concept art images. Check them out in the Concept Art Gallery. I've also updated the unit descriptions and names to reflect the new information in the concept art. Enjoy!

New Concept Art
[Posted by AoErat, 8.17.2001 @ 11:00:PM]

A new piece of concept art has been posted at the Offical SW:GB Site. It portrays the art of each of the 4 tech levels for the Trade Federation Civilization, ranging from Light to Medium, to Heavy to Missle Turret. View it in the Concept Art section.The in-game art of the Missle Knight can he viewed in the building section.
[Thanks to for alerting community to new art] Preview
[Posted by AoErat, 8.9.2001 @ 11:00:PM]

In Gamesmania's recently posted preview, they mention a bit about how food production will work:

You build worker droids to mine carbon, and build farms to obtain food. Or, if you're a little more patient and careful, you can build ranches that herd banthas and nerfs.
They also mention a new building - the Trading Post, where you can buy and sell resources. Akin to AoK's Market. Check out the preview here:

IGN posts SWGB preview
[Posted by AoErat, 8.8.2001 @ 11:00:PM] recently posted a preview of SWGB after visting Lucasarts at their Editors Day 2000:

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds will include six campaigns spread out over 14 environments with 50 terrain types. In addition to the usual campaign series, you can also create your own skirmishes using the included random map generator and campaign editor, or opt to go against up to seven others in multiplay. We also noticed that not all of the battles necessarily have to be won through military means, and economic, diplomatic, and research victories are possible.
Check out the preview here: