News Archive for July 2004

New Ballbarian AI and more!
[Posted by AoErat, 7.26.2004 @ 3:38:PM]

Ballbarian, one of the most prolific AI scripters for SWGB just released the new version of his AI, Ballbarian_SW7 Release 2.0. In addition he's added a guide for writing your own SWGB computer AIs. Finally, Ballbarian_SW6 has been patched to prevent the "string table full error" that you may have received if playing with six or more AI opponents. If you want more information, you can head to his new website,, where you'll find an FAQ, links, and more.

A big thanks to Ballbarian for his contributions to the community!

Coruscant Life SE
[Posted by Mace, 7.22.2004 @ 7:38:AM]

The long awaited release of Admiral Zaarin's Coruscant Life SE has finally come. I had the opportunity to test this campaign/scenario (However you wish to view it), and I must say it's very good. Takes a while to walk around from place to place, but it's an extensive scenario, so It's understandable. Check out the thread for a link to where you can download Coruscant Life SE.

Raven Studios: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy
[Posted by Echuu, 7.14.2004 @ 11:32:AM]

Bendak, a scenario designer and member of prestigious design group Raven Studios, has given us a preview of his new campaign, based on the hit video game, Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy. He's assembled a series of screenshots, as well as a smaller trailer for us. This looks like a promising piece of work.

Check out the Showcase Preview

Aayla Secura Version 2
[Posted by Mace, 7.14.2004 @ 11:29:AM]

obiwANDYZ, a local modder has given us a preview of the second version of his acclaimed Aayla Secura mod. This promises to be much better than the first one. Check out this attack animation:

He says he still has to add saber effects and such, so don't judge the mod based on this animation. Check out more animations and updates on this mod here.

The Centuri Squadron
[Posted by Mace, 7.4.2004 @ 12:17:PM]

Montamo has announced his newest campaign, The Centuri Squadron. This promises to be an interesting campaign, despite the fact that without the mods made for it, it's useless. Monte (as he's also known) has taken advantage of the new GeniEd2 program for this campaign, a first at SWGBH.



As the CLONE WAR rages and the Separatists border on defeat, new ways of swinging the war become apparent.
With their incredible talent for eliminating those whom they are paid to, BOUNTY HUNTERS are now in constant demand and the assassination of Republic and Separatists officers becomes a new art.
This is a tale of one group of the era's best. Using their abilities to gain profit, to eradicate and to live through legend.
They were the Kings of the BOUNTY WARS...

Check out the thread for updates, screenshots, and more here.

The Crae Korat ~ The Corellian Revolution
[Posted by Mace, 7.4.2004 @ 12:09:PM]

Local scenario designer The Crazy Person (or TCP, as he's known) has come out of his retirement to reannounce The Crae Korat ~ The Corellian Revolution. Here is TCP's description of the campaign:

Some 1,400 years before the the formation of what is now know as the Galactic Republic, before the exploration of space, before the Twilight of Exploration.

The four nations of Corellia; Reino, Solte, Forlan, and Dorctae; have stumbled over laser combat technology, throwing all Four Nations into 1,000 years of Civil War. This civil war would be known as the Crae Korat, or the 'Four Conflict'.

Take on the role of David Blanc, a mercinary hired by the Reino Nation, and lead your army of mercinaries deep into the enemy territory of the Forlan and the Dorctae. Watch the rise and fall of your enemies... and your allies. Move through varying climates all over the Corellian Continents. Experiance the harsh conditions of being a paratrooper, or fight with marines in a massive assault on the Dorctae.

For more information on the campaign, updates, and the neat logo, check out the campaign thread here.