News Archive for July 2003

New Forum Code of Conduct
[Posted by Angel Zen, 7.31.2003 @ 5:40:AM]

We've introduced a new version of our forum Code of Conduct. While it is more liberal in some areas, it also tightens up in others.

Some of the changes to the CoC:

  • Consolidated several rules dealing with spamming into one section
  • Clarified rule dealing with software copyright infringement and trainers
  • Updated rules dealing with harassment, profanities, and non-English languages to be context based
  • New section dealing with forum user privacy
  • New section dealing with signatures
  • New section dealing with bans, closed threads, deleted threads, and deleted messages

A Designer’s Guide to Creating a Quality Scenario
[Posted by Mace, 7.30.2003 @ 5:37:PM]

Our very own staff member and SCN Punk member, Master Echuu, has put together an extremely well written guide on how to make a quality scenario. It is a must-read for new scenario designers. Check out the guide here.


New Staff
[Posted by AoErat, 7.27.2003 @ 3:22:PM]

Please welcome aboard our two newest staff members, Cherubs Mace and Echuu. They'll be assisting in forum moderation, as well as content.

Design Groups Listing
[Posted by AoErat, 7.22.2003 @ 1:20:PM]

Another new addition to SWGB Heaven. As anyone familiar with scenario-design knows, Design Groups are a vital part of the community.

Listed on the new Design Team page is each of the groups, along with a description, contact information, and list of the rated works of that group.

You can visit the page here, and it is also listed under the community section for future reference.

[note to groups: If your group is not listed, or has errors in the listing, please contact me.]

New Poll
[Posted by AoErat, 7.21.2003 @ 11:47:AM]

We've retired our long-running "Download of the Week" (88% - yes, 12% - no, undecided) poll, and placed a new one. This time, we ask "Would you like to see an SWGB II?" We'll run this for a month or two, and then send the results to Lucasarts. Hows that sound? ;)

Top 50 User-Rated Downloads
[Posted by AoErat, 7.20.2003 @ 6:08:PM]

We've added a new page here at SWGB Heaven, containing the top-ranked downloads. The list automatically updates as rating comments are added. It can be sorted by download type, e.g. campaign, modpack, etc. If you want to sample the best SWGB Heaven has to offer, this is the place to look.

Check out the Top 50 here.

Returning Staff Member: Izzy
[Posted by AoErat, 7.20.2003 @ 1:08:PM]

SWGB Heaven has been graced with the presence of Izzy, who joins the ranks of our staff once again as an Angel. He'll be aiding in forum moderation and site organization. Please welcome him back!

Watch for further developments in this direction in the near future.

Site Update
[Posted by AoErat, 7.18.2003 @ 5:10:PM]

Step one of the site update has been completed.

Basic information, such as Cheats, Game Modes, and more have been brought up to date. Each page now has a new content design to facilitate easier reading. Extraneous and out-dated information has been removed.

A new article system is in place, browsable here. Current categories include Strategy, Modpacks, and Scenario Design. We welcome submissions.

Forum sticky posts have been consolidated into one thread per forum. No other forum changes have been made, however.

Expect more changes and new content in the near future.

Worlds Collide! MSN Zone Tournament
[Posted by AoErat, 7.16.2003 @ 4:21:PM]

Interested in playing Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns competitively? The MSN Gaming Zone is holding a tournament for Clone Campaigns, this weekend, Sunday, July 20th.

Check out the official Zone page here: You'll need an account on the Zone to play, and the latest game patch. Prizes are available for winners.

Mod Editor v1.08 due out soon
[Posted by AoErat, 7.16.2003 @ 3:31:PM]

Stay tuned for a new version of the popular Mod Editor program, updated by our very own forummer, Mace. Here's what he has to say about it:

I have begun adding modpack features such as the new author setting which allows you to put the name of the creator of the mod in. I've been messing around with other features, none of which have become anything I know I'm going to use. I may even change the interface.

Read the full post in our forums and be sure to leave a comment!