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LucasArts 20th Year Celebration!
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 6.23.2002 @ 10:23:PM]

Wh00t! LucasArts is now celebrating their 20th year in existence. Thanks to Peter Starlancer for bringing this to my attention.

This year, LucasArts celebrates its 20th year as a leader in interactive entertainment. After two decades, our goal remains the same: to deliver the highest quality gaming experiences imaginable.

Throughout our company's history, from our humble beginnings in the "Computer Division" of Lucasfilm, we have continually focused on using emerging technology to pioneer a new form of interactive entertainment. Consistent with Lucasfilm's movie heritage, our goal has been to develop games that combine vital film elements - compelling storytelling, engaging characters and vivid settings - with strong gameplay, the element which distinguishes games from more traditional, linear mediums.

You can find the rest of this celebration here.

Clone Campaigns Review
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 6.23.2002 @ 10:16:PM]

Welcome to the Arm Chair Empire, you can run it from your arm chair, get it? Ha-ha, lame joke I know, but has released a new review for the Clone Campaigns. A 7 out of 10 is sort of low, but the review puts the Clone Campaigns into a bright light and the reviewer enjoyed playing the game.

As anyone who has been around PC gaming knows, expansion packs are hit and miss. Some are sterling examples of what not to do – take a popular game add a new feature or two, assemble a few half-hearted levels, then attempt to sell it to the gamers that bought the original. These situations can often kill interest in the original game (e.g. Star Trek Voyager’s Elite Force expansion, lamely titled “Expansion.”) But then there are expansions that get everything right – take a popular game and add plenty of new stuff that affects gameplay and spurs your desire to keep on playing. (e.g. Red Alert 2’s Yuri’s Revenge or any of the numerous Sims add-ons.) Clone Campaigns (CC) falls somewhere in the middle. (Take a minute to read our review of Galactic Battlegrounds here)
There are only two campaigns for CC, but considering its inspiration is drawn from one movie instead of the four drawn from in GB, this is a good ratio. And both are freakin’ long -- at least according to me. (The plot lines are kind of interesting too.) Although my multiplayer prowess stinks (my win-loss record is atrocious), I specialized in whipping the computer AI’s sorry butt in GB. While definitely not a walk in the park, GB provided a reasonable challenge but not so much that I ever wanted to pull my hair out. But CC…

You can find the rest of this review here.

Week of War Tournament!
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 6.23.2002 @ 10:08:PM]

The third ’Week of War’ is starting at for the Clone Campaigns. The Signups are ready and already people are pouring in. Want to join them? Check out the GB sign up here. The WoW starts in July and the host reminds the players to “take screenshoot of every game,“ and to “ make sure your opponent is register before you play“. The Signups will close on the sixteenth of July. The War will start twelfth of July.

A Series of Site Updates
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 6.18.2002 @ 2:12:PM]

Ah, another wave of minor site updates. Some of you may not even have noticed that they happened as we are doing them slowly and taking our own heat stricken time down here in the south. Just sprinkling a little magic dust here and there and making things work, with a wave of the hand, or shall I say ‘mouse’. if you check out the unit page you may notice that we are no longer hosting the images that go with them. We had to do this to cut down on bandwidth usage. Heaven Games won’t go under paying for our extra bandwidth, but a little ease of the use would never hurt. We are doing our best to keep the information up to date and fully correct in these pages.

Look forward to more updates coming soon to other pages such as the hero section and the buildings area. Seraph AoErat is doing his best to set it up and leaves the rest for me to fill in. He is doing a great job of figuring out my gibberish and putting it into html.

Another newsworthy mention is...:

That Spineman is working the download section along with a few other goodies.

That sometime this summer, we will be getting a whole new look! So look forward to this too! :-)

The Game Critique Review for CC
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 6.12.2002 @ 11:14:AM]

I received an email recently directing me to this website with yet another review for the Clone Campaigns. The reviewer from “The Game Critique” appeared very enthusiastic about the game and this prompted me to post a little about it here.

When SWGB was released in November 2001, it was the dream game of any Star Wars\RTS fan. Even though it was based on the aging Ensemble Studios "Age of Kings" engine, it was still a blast to play. OK, no more puns. The Clone Campaigns expansion adds new life to this game and balances out a bit of the old too.

The main change here is the addition of two new civilizations, The Republic and The Confederacy, both stemming from the movie Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Both attributes are true to the movies as were the original civs; the Republic can pump out troopers in half the time anyone else can, and the Confederacy, along with a nice trade bonus with teammates, are well adept with mechs and battle droids. The game art of both are also true to the movies. The Confederacy buildings look like they are plucked right out of Geonosis and the Republic looks right at home in Coruscant. All of the units in the game can been seen in the movie…

Want to read some more? Check here for the rest of this really nice review.

Game Club Central Review for the Clone Campaigns
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 6.11.2002 @ 11:20:PM]

Another great review, this time from Game Club Central, slightly more in detail, but a slightly lower score of a “8”. Well written, but not quite as much enthusiasm as the GameZone Review.

LucasArts seems to be living in good times as of late. With the recent releases of Jedi Outcast and Galactic Battlegrounds, they have managed to breathe new life in a franchise that has seemed to live on in one generation after another. With Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the timing could not have been more perfect for LucasArts to release an expansion to Galactic Battlegrounds that will allow many of the units from the movie to be in a game. But as history has shown, games based on a movie are not always the PB&J combination that one would have hoped. So is Clone Campaigns one of those exceptions? Read on…

You can read the rest of this well written review here.

GameZone Review for the Clone Campaigns
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 6.11.2002 @ 11:14:PM]

Just noticed this little tidbit, a place called Game Zone has given a overall score of a 8.5 for CC. “There is nothing new to the genre, but this is a solid expansion pack with numerous enhancements and an unlimited amount of pure fun.” It looks like they really had a good time reviewing it…

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Clone Campaigns is the expansion pack to the excellent Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. It offers fourteen new missions along with two new civilizations. You can choose to play as either the breakaway Confederacy of Independent Systems or as the Galactic Republic. If you recall Galactic Battlegrounds is a real time strategy game where you build your army and fight for supremacy. It is essentially Age of Empires only with Star Wars units borrowed from that universe. The result of which is a very satisfying game. Not hard to accomplish because AOE is still the definitive RTS game to date…

Sound nice? You can read the rest of this review here.

A new delight in the downloads section!
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 6.10.2002 @ 11:31:AM]

Great news, we have a release of a campaign that many of us including me have been looking forward to. With over five hundred triggers, a beautiful map and a stunning storyline, we are looking at a perfect scenario and great enjoyment for those who find time to play it!


He posted a short review of it in the forums, it has some nice screenshots and a teaser overview, you can see it here. Please note that the pictures might not show up if he happens to be not online.

It is a summer’s morning on Corellia, some 20 years after the battle of Naboo. An improved model of the successful YT-1300 series is about to have a test flight, as it is almost stolen by a young smuggler. Now, he's about to have a second chance....
You play as Falco Talon, who was thrown in jail after his attempt to steal the YT-1300. A mysterious stranger offers you a second chance, if you do a job for him. Start your mission by breaking out of the prison (stunning trigger work), and then proceed to do your tasks.

It is now available for download here, so I encourage you to download it, and leave a nice review after you finish playing this awesome game!

New Poll Updates
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 6.5.2002 @ 2:46:PM]

Ahhh… the season of Joy, I just got out of school. The birds making annoying noises and girl’s shorts getting shorter and shorter as it gets warmer down here in Texas :-) The time has come to retire the old poll and replace it with another. Not bad of course, after 1200+ votes, it is always time to find another one. The new civilizations, Confederacy & Republic won 55.1% of the votes winning the poll. Another 24% voted for “The large amount of heroes added to the editor” coming in second.
Since we have two new civilizations, the new poll asks the question “What is your Favorite Civilization?”.