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Reviews in the Download Section
[Posted by Echuu, 5.14.2006 @ 8:03:PM]

If you are somebody who frequently reviews content in our download section, I highly advise you take a look at this thread in our forums, which addresses the issue of the numerous bad reviews that have been surfacing. It gives an example of a bad review, and also shows some excellent ones to model by. I know that many of the frequent reviewers don't visit the forums, but it's still something to look at. A more strict moderation of them will be taking place, and deleting of these poor reviews will be happening. Following these guidelines will only help make our download section a better place, and will be much appriciated by both staff and users! Thank you.

"The Jade Project" Campaign Released!
[Posted by AoErat, 5.10.2006 @ 8:02:PM]

Check out the second campaign of the three-part 'Station X39' series, just released today! It is described by the author, Imperial Force, as such:

Return to the planet where Station X39 was lost, but this time as a new character to see a different side of things to come. It has been twenty years since the events that unfolded with Station X39, and many evil plans are coming close to completion. Play as Ross Corman and Leigh Stronard as they infiltrate Neell Rutta, home to an entire legion of Imperial forces, a luxurious resort for the rich and famous, and last but not least, the final resting place for the device from Station X39.The campaign features 5 scenarios
The campaign features 5 scenarios, and is downloadable here. You can also view the campaign showcase in our forums.