News Archive for May 2004

[Posted by Mace, 5.28.2004 @ 11:32:PM]

Ykkrosh has completed and released the second version of his GeniEd program. The original was extremely slow, buggy, and not very user friendly. GeniEd2 is the complete opposite. Fast, few bugs, and very easy to use. It works for SWGB, the Clone Campaigns expansion, and even allows you to edit Age of Kings: The Conquerors (Currently does not support non-expansion AoK because of format differences).

Check out a screenshot of the interface, and check out the topic where you can download it here.


Imperial Base Construction Pack
[Posted by Mace, 5.19.2004 @ 10:57:AM]

This is coming a little bit after it's release, but I didn't see it till now.

Andrea Italy has made another great mod, the Imperial Base Construction Pack, a must have for anyone wanting to conquer the galaxy.

Check out Andrea's mod thread here

Tie Crawler Remake
[Posted by Mace, 5.19.2004 @ 10:54:AM]

Andrea Italy has made a remake of his Tie Crawler mod, and I must say it's looking good. Much better then the first one. Check out the difference:

Tie Crawler Remake

You can see some in-game screenshots, as well as more of Andrea's mods here.

Chariot Light Assault Vehicle
[Posted by Mace, 5.5.2004 @ 4:21:PM]

Andrea Italy just keeps on delivering mod after mod. Andrea's latest mod is the Uulshos LAVr QH-7 Chariot Light Assault Vehicle, and I must say it's lookin' good.

Uulshos LAVr QH-7 Chariot Light Assault Vehicle

Check out Andrea's mod thread and the seemingly unlimited amount of mods that appear to be originating from it here

The Guide To End All Guides
[Posted by Mace, 5.1.2004 @ 11:13:PM]

Zara has created a scenario design guide that is supposed to "end all guides", and I must say it does nothing less. This guide mashes together all information pertaining to scenario design. It takes you from opening the scenario editor to submitting your campaign for download. This guide incorporates other guides into it (with proper credit, of course), in a fashion which new people will understand. If your new to SWGB designing, or just aren't very good (like me), you might want to check it out.