News Archive for April 2005

New Empire at War Unit Section
[Posted by AoErat, 4.28.2005 @ 2:19:PM]

We here at SWGB Heaven have compiled a comprehensive list of all units currently known to be in Empire at War, the new Star Wars RTS due out later this year. From capital ships to infantry, everything is listed right here on the new units page.

If you want more information about Empire at War, visit our main page, where you can find an excellent overview and plenty of screenshots.

New EaW Preview at IGN
[Posted by Mace, 4.21.2005 @ 9:40:PM]

IGN has posted a new preview of Empire At War. It doesn't reveal much more than we already know, but it's a good read nevertheless. I'm particularly interested in this:

Perhaps the most telling thing, during the extensive presentation at their offices yesterday in San Rafael, was what didn't happen. Although this title isn't scheduled to be released until the fall, it was probably the most rock-solid build I'd seen at this stage. Not once did it crash, lock up, slow down to a crawl, or reveal graphical or audio glitches. And as we moved around through very different aspects of the game, it remained smooth and gorgeous.

Read the full preview here.

New Empire At War Preview!
[Posted by Mace, 4.20.2005 @ 12:36:PM]

GameSpot has a new preview of Star Wars: Empire At War which includes a new interview video with LucasArts producer Brett Tosti.

The preview comes with an expanded description of how resources and combat will work. It's sounding really great so far, and there are also several new screenshots, which are really looking good. If there's a game that will save the Star Wars RTS line, I believe Empire At War will be it. Check out the preview here!

Empire At War Preview at Computer Games Magazine
[Posted by Mace, 4.4.2005 @ 4:10:PM]

Computer Games Magazine ( has an interview with Petroglyph's Joe Bostic about Empire At War.

While Star Wars strategy games have had a checkered past (Rebellion or Force Commander, anyone?) LucasArts is once again bringing an RTS title with the Star Wars name to the PC. This time it's Star Wars: Empire At War and its being developed by Petroglyph, made up primarily from team members who worked at the former Westwood Studios, makers of the Command and Conquer game series. Computer Games Magazine got a chance to chat with the game's lead designer Joe Bostic to find out more about Empire at War.

Check out the interview here.