News Archive for April 2004

Imperial Mods
[Posted by Mace, 4.27.2004 @ 5:55:PM]

A fairly new modder, Andrea Italy, has produced a number of fairly high quality Imperial mods, most of which being new walls and floors. There are a few units in Andrea's list, too, such as sand troopers, Imperial navy troopers, and AT-AT drivers. Check out Andrea's mod thread, located here.

Scenario Design Discovery!
[Posted by Echuu, 4.23.2004 @ 8:54:PM]

Bendak, a scenario designer at the forums, did a little investigating and found a great discovery. I'm sure designers have often wondered what those "AI Signal" conditions were used for, and we have the answer. With just a simple AI script, these conditions can be used in replace of resources when using taunt activated effects. To designers, especially RPG designers, this is quite a useful trick.

Read the details in his thread, which is located Here

New Cherub
[Posted by Mace, 4.22.2004 @ 5:17:PM]

I'd like to welcome Wok to the ranks of the SWGBH staff. He'll be helping with news and moderation. Check out his congrats thread here.

Congratulations, Wok!

Galactic Republic Senate Completed
[Posted by Mace, 4.21.2004 @ 4:18:PM]

Hman, a local scenario designer has finished his latest masterpiece, The Galactic Republic Senate. In this senate, like all the others, you take control of a civilization in the Galactic Republic, colinize a planet, and attend senate meetings. Think that's boring, do you? Think again. This has got to be one of the funnest scenarios I have ever played. This senate features some of the most advanced trigger tricks ever included in a senate map. I helped beta test, and take my word for it, this is one senate you do not want to miss.

For screenshots and information regarding GR Senate, check out the showcase. You can download the senate here.

SWGBH Showdown - Winner
[Posted by Mace, 4.19.2004 @ 9:24:PM]

The SWGBH Showdown (Original news post located here) has finally finished. The winner, you ask?


The winner of the showdown is: Shadows of the Empire: Special Edition by SCN Punk | TVS

Congratulation, and may we have more campaigns like this one

So congratulations to Tevious' SoTE campaign, for still being the #1 voted campaign at SWGBH

Jedi Academy - Complete
[Posted by Mace, 4.18.2004 @ 10:06:PM]

A local scenario designer, Darth Monty AKA Monte, has completed his campaign, Jedi Academy. You can download the campaign here, and be sure to drop by the showcase, located here.

Please note that his campaign is not based off the Jedi Academy game by Lucasarts

New Scenario Design Help System!
[Posted by Echuu, 4.6.2004 @ 8:09:PM]

Darth Monty, a talented designer over at the forums, has come up with a new idea for newbies who need help with their scenarios. If anyone needs advice or is stuck in a particular place in their work, they can send it to Monty, and he will personally do whatever needs to be done to help out.

You can read the details in his thread, which is located Here.