News Archive for April 2002

Box Cover being displayed at L.A.
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 4.30.2002 @ 7:05:AM]

Aside from the box cover being displayed on the main page, there has been little going on for the past few days. The only thing worth mentioning is the chat that will be coming around today, placed squarely when a good portion of us are at school or in bed sleeping.

The Box cover looks great, since well it’s the clone campaigns, you can see clones everywhere on it.

Mod'ding being noticed by L.A.?
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 4.27.2002 @ 1:28:PM]

Join us in the forums to discuss this new controversy. James and other mod makers have made mods that are now showing up in the x-pack!

With the new Map-Tour screenshots released, we are seeing a lot of new toybox units. And, much to my delight, they've decided to add some much needed units . What strikes me is that a lot of the new toybox units have allready been modded, or are in the process of being modded by members of the SWGB community...

New CC Screenshot Gallery Update!
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 4.27.2002 @ 12:36:PM]

Lucas Arts has released new screenshots in a tour for the clone campaigns! Now you can view over a dozen new pictures containing some of the units for the new civs, and extra units included in the editor.

A new map tour for Star Wars® Galactic Battlegrounds™: Clone Campaigns™ has been added. 18 clickable hot spots give you a close-up view of the Episode II-inspired action!

You can now see these new screenshots in SWGBH’s Clone Campaign screenshot gallery.

Across the Stars Music Video
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 4.26.2002 @ 8:08:PM]

Great News! has released the music that will accompany AOTC. It was some of the best orchastra music that I have heard in a long time. I encourage you to stream this wonderful music/video. It used some old trailers scenes, but will not disappoint you at all in the way they are used.

Across the Stars is an original composition by John Williams, crafted specifically for the music video. It takes a number of major themes and melodies from throughout the Episode II score and combines it into a single piece. The music video includes documentary footage of the scoring session with Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra as well as scenes from Attack of the Clones.

You can stream this new video here or view its page.

Pre-Order the Clone Campaigns!
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 4.24.2002 @ 6:01:PM]

Great news! Now at Lucas, you can currently place an order for the new expansion pack.

Be among the first 500 people to pre-order Star Wars® Galactic Battlegrounds™: Clone Campaigns™ and you'll also receive a FREE second CD with a bonus level and fun behind-the-scene extras plus a FREE Clone Campaigns hintbook!*

Learn more here from the Ordering Website! It contains the box cover along with some commonly known information.

Send In the Clones!
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 4.23.2002 @ 8:54:PM]

I just went out and bought the book Attack of the Clones. Trust me, it is completely worth the price and the time you spend reading it. :)

Based on the screenplay of the film Star Wars: Episode II, this novel tells the story of the downfall of Anakin Skywalker, the young Jedi who became Darth Vader. In this tale, which begins ten years after the events of The Phantom Menace, 19-year-old Anakin must choose between his own dreams and his responsibilities as a Jedi. Salvatore, a bestselling author in his own right, expands on details in the film, basing his elaborations on discussions with George Lucas himself.

Click here to learn more about this book that just arrived in the book stores today!

Forum Discussion
[Posted by Yehoshua Ben Yisra'el, 4.22.2002 @ 10:47:PM]

With Garry Gaber's chat just eight days away, some of us are already starting to form ideas of what we will say that day. Please join us in the General Discussion Forum to discuss this important event and to think over carefully of what we will ask the creator of SW:GB.