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CorSec Enforcer Showcase
[Posted by Izzy, 12.28.2002 @ 6:49:PM]

Titania (aka CorranHorn) started on an interesting looking campaign about a CorSec Officer who you have to lead through his many adventures. Be sure to check out the showcase for additional information!

Follow CorSec officer Vincent Trida through his adventures on Corellia. Zekka Thyne, a Vigo of Black Sun, has taken interest in the planet and plans to exploit it and create organized crime throughout it. With the help of the rogue mercenary Falco Talon, success seems to be garaunteed.

Happy Holidays!!
[Posted by Izzy, 12.25.2002 @ 2:49:AM]

I just wanted to wish a happy holidays and good luck to all who have contributed to the site. Thanks all!

Piett's Guide to Map Designing - Issue 3
[Posted by Izzy, 12.23.2002 @ 2:06:PM]

Admiral Piett, a local forumer, made his third guide on how to make interiors, decorations and the such.

SWGBH Tournies and Wars
[Posted by Izzy, 12.22.2002 @ 12:29:PM]

Thanks to, I found a great link to Battlesites. Apparently, they host tournies and wars for several games, and one of them is SWGB! One of the eyecatchers is the end of the year war! Be sure to set your lasers to full power when you join in on this war!

SWGBH Mon Calamari Mod
[Posted by Izzy, 12.22.2002 @ 12:23:PM]

Titania (aka CorranHorn), has a recruitment thread for those who want to participate in the making of the Mon Calamari civilization. Artists and map designers already involved are Tantive, obiwANDYZ, Obi_Wan and among others! If you have the talent (which I think a lot of people do), sign up today!

Scenario Design Contest
[Posted by Izzy, 12.22.2002 @ 12:14:PM]

Our local members at SWGBH has set up a contest that'll test your abilities to make scenarios! The Senior Council is hosting this, so there shouldn't be any rivalry between any opposing clans, right? So it's just clean scenario designing fun! The contest ends on Janurary 15th, 2003.The contest will be based around your ability to map design military bases.

This contest challenges contestants to make the best military base that they can. Entries will be taken until New Year's Day.

Poser Guide Part 3: Coloring Figures and Objects
[Posted by Izzy, 12.22.2002 @ 12:03:PM]

Here's the next guide! Poser Guide 3, this one should help you on textures and coloring objects and the sort. I was really, really late on this one, sorry guys.

This is the third guide, introducing to you how to color figures and objects.

Lowbacca Mod
[Posted by Izzy, 12.20.2002 @ 9:37:PM]

Pelobi made a great mod of that wookiee jedi, Lowbacca!

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Piett's Guide to Map Designing
[Posted by Izzy, 12.17.2002 @ 5:46:PM]

Admiral Piett, a local forumer here at SWGBH, has made 2 great guides on Map Desiging and eye candy.
Article 1
Article 2

Introducing Jedi outcast designed by obiwANDYZ
[Posted by Izzy, 12.15.2002 @ 1:06:AM]

obiwANDYZ, a scenario designer at SWGBH is working on a campaign based on probably the best Star Wars FPS game out there.

Anyway I am looking for help in making this absolutly huge outcast cpn so far I have obi_wan's support but I am looking for others, I will need to see any of your work that you have done previously just to see that you are a good cpn designer.

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Enable Unit Trick
[Posted by Izzy, 12.15.2002 @ 12:56:AM]

Some forumers at our General Discussion forums brought up an interesting trigger trick: enabling heroes with the "enable unit" trigger, will let you build those heroes in their related areas. For example, enabling Darth Vader will let you build him in the Sith Temple.
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Poser Guide pushed to later
[Posted by Izzy, 12.13.2002 @ 9:59:PM]

Sorry guys, I had a lot of work to do this week! Testing, exams.. projects. I promise I'll get it up around Monday-Tuesday.

New Web Site for LucasArts Inspired Game Mods
[Posted by Izzy, 12.12.2002 @ 6:22:PM]

Yep, LucasArts finally decided to support Modding, but in a completely different fashion! They're making their very own server for you to upload your mods and scenarios.

"LucasArts is grateful to the Lucas Fan Network, whose enthusiastic and very dedicated members have created a distinctive online destination for fans of our games to showcase and share their creations with others," says Simon Jeffery, president of LucasArts. "The fan community is incredibly important to LucasArts and this site will provide them with a variety of ways to continue to celebrate their passion for the company and its games."
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Screenthemes updates!
[Posted by Izzy, 12.11.2002 @ 11:20:PM]

Screenthemes, a screensaver program has a new theme: Darth Vader!

ScreenThemes, the photographic screen saver and wallpaper program known for its stunning high-resolution images, has added 19 images of Darth Vader - everyone's favorite Sith Lord from the classic trilogy - to their gallery this week.

Alternate Universe - by TheCrazyPerson
[Posted by Izzy, 12.10.2002 @ 6:58:PM]

TheCrazyPerson made a great looking campaign involving Star Wars, but involves a completely different universe! Sorry about the delays, I completely missed this one. =/

It is a time of Chaos. After the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the DEATH STAR, the newly formed Republic struggles to gain control of the galaxy. The dark lord Vader, leading the Imperial star Fleet, has taken his apprentice, Luke Skywalker, in search of the Republic Fleet. Jedi Master David Blanc leads an onslaught at Faber II while the rest of the Republic struggles to return peace to the galaxy...

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DFD Website Updates
[Posted by Izzy, 12.9.2002 @ 8:29:PM]

DFD updates their website.

DFD has some updates. First of all, we are dropping the "Masters" tag, because it has become too common. We will be "reborn" at some point around Christmas when Boris and I fix things up. Everything will be restructured, totally.

The Tale of Sev'Rance Tann
[Posted by Izzy, 12.9.2002 @ 3:27:PM]

Lord_Vader398 proudly presents a great looking campaign about Sev'Rance Tann.

Nearly one year has passed since the Battle of Geonosis, the battle that started the horrible Clone Wars. A crumbling Republic grows weaker with each passing day, and the Confederacy of Independant Systems grows stronger as new systems join Count Dooku's cause.
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Bespin Cloud Ships and Republic Cruisers
[Posted by Izzy, 12.8.2002 @ 11:53:AM]

Gocyn makes a great bundle of mods. One of them is the bespin cloud ship!

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Poser Guide Part 2: Attaching Clothing, Props and Hair
[Posted by Izzy, 12.5.2002 @ 8:15:PM]

I got a second guide done guys, sorry about not getting it done yesterday.

Ah, so you got passed the first part! Today, on part of the Poser guide, we shall go over attaching clothing, objects and hair to models. Remember, clothing and objects are different things. Clothing can "bend" with a model, while objects only move with it.

Garry Gaber interview.. possible SWGB 2 Project!?
[Posted by Izzy, 12.5.2002 @ 6:36:PM]

That's right folks! A few guys over at the LucasForum boards interviewed Garry Gaber, and he mentioned a new project related to SWGB!

With the success of Battlegrounds, do you have plans for a SWGB 2?

I can't talk about future products, or else a big guy with a lightsaber comes into my office and hacks off an appendage, but I can say that I am excited by the idea of a Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds II, as long as it is fresh and exciting, while still maintaining the fun aspects of Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds.
Read the rest of the interview here

Thanks to Tevious for the heads up.

Jan Ors Mod
[Posted by Izzy, 12.5.2002 @ 6:05:PM]

Kowe does it again with a great looking model/animation of Jan Ors, and it looks great!

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A little delay..
[Posted by Izzy, 12.4.2002 @ 9:01:PM]

Sorry guys, I have a ton of homework today, so the poser guide will be pushed to tomorrow night. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Jerec's Transport
[Posted by Izzy, 12.3.2002 @ 5:53:PM]

GothicLegionaire posted another great looking mod.

Here is Jerec's Transport, reminds me alot of the Zeplins during WW2. Language has been changed, and Jerec Icon added.

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Kyle Katarn Mod Update!
[Posted by Izzy, 12.1.2002 @ 10:34:AM]

Kowe updates his Kyle Katarn modpack project, and it looks great!

See more here!