News Archive for December 2001

Constant Number Guide by thurdl01
[Posted by Pigin, 12.31.2001 @ 4:56:PM]

Thurdl01, one of Heaven Games’ very own cherubs posted a guide to Constant Numbers. Hopefully, it will help out our Random Map Scripters into making excellent RMS’

Check it out here

Forum Party - December 29th
[Posted by Tartarus, 12.28.2001 @ 5:50:PM]

Darth Nemo, a forummer here at SWGBH, has organised a small forum party. It'll be Random Map, and 1.1 Patch will be required.

"Where-Jedi Knights (Zone)
When-3PM EST (12 pst) to 7 pm EST (4 pst)
Label the SWGB game "SWGB Forum Party" with a password of VADER (case sensitive)"

Stop by if you can!

Check out the thread here

Note about submitting news
[Posted by Pigin, 12.27.2001 @ 10:31:PM]

The site's Seraph, AoErat, will be away for about a week. He's expected to return around January 3. Until then, we request that all submitted news be sent to me, at You can also click my name in the subject for a direct mailto link. Thanks!

Modding - SWGB Style
[Posted by Tartarus, 12.26.2001 @ 5:59:PM]

Apparently, one of our Forummers, Ykkrosh, has figured out a way to mod SWGB (meaning changing graphics of particular units).
For more information, and a few links to some downloads, visit the thread.

Merry Christmas!
[Posted by Pigin, 12.25.2001 @ 4:14:PM]

It's finally that time of year again. Time for family and friends and food and...PRESENTS!! Yes, it's Christmas day, and I'm having a great time. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven wishes you and your loved ones the very best this Christmas season. Thanks for making us a success!

New Poll added, more to come soon
[Posted by Pigin, 12.16.2001 @ 1:01:PM]

Hello once again! I've just updated the poll, so be sure to get your votes in. This poll gives you, the readers, the chance to tell us what you want to see more of on the site!

Also, some have been requesting that the Game Info be updated. We're just finishing up on getting the histories and other information complete, so look forward to that as well!

Gamespy's review of GB
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 12.14.2001 @ 5:15:PM]

Gamespy, one of the biggest site networks has reviewed SWGB.

They gave it 77% because of the graphics and sounds mainly, but the reviewer seemed to like the gameplay and the Star Wars twist.

Well, here's a short part of the review :

    This is Star Wars as you never imagined it. Tank clad Wookies fighting a horde of Gungan Warriors as the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance join forces to stop a vicious assault from the combined forces of the Trade Federation and Royal Naboo armies. Sure, the game isn't pre-designed with such a scenario in mind, but it's a possible situation. Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds takes on an almost irreverent twist as it successfully brings the Star Wars franchise to a very playable and entertaining RTS.

For the full review, click here

SWGB Scenario design contest
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 12.12.2001 @ 4:00:PM]

Activision, PC gamer and have teamed up to make a scenario design contest for SWGB.

The winner will receive a 110x85 screen art picture of Galactic Battlegrounds™, signed by the Developers themselves, and the acknowledgement of the gaming and Lucas world that they are the Scenario masters. PC gamer are going to be putting the scenarios onto their cover mount CD.

To enter, you need to create a scenario(single or multiplayer) and send it in before February 15th 2002.

It seems to be restricted to UK residents but I got no confirmation on that one.

For more details, visit or

GreenDesert / GreenArabia custom random maps
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 12.11.2001 @ 4:47:PM]

One of our talented forum members, RF_Gandalf has created 2 random maps called GreenArabia(the port of the Aok version of Green Arabia) and GreenDesert(the desert map with a grassy terrain, different forest types, berries(randomized)...).

You can get more info about these maps in this forum post.

Make sure to download these two maps in our Downloads section :-D

SWGB Patch 1.1 mirrors
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 12.9.2001 @ 11:53:AM]

If you have a problem downloading the patch 1.1, you might want to try the following mirrors :

MrFixit Online
Galactic Battles

All these mirrors should work. Thanks to the sites who uploaded them for the players.

SWGB 1.1 Update
[Posted by AoErat, 12.5.2001 @ 7:30:AM]

Lucasarts just released the SWGB 1.1 Update. It fixes several bugs, including the wookie carbon gathering speed.

From LA:


An issue with the Installer that occurred after selecting the Modify feature and deselecting Full Install.
Various minor gameplay issues, including:

  • A crash that occurred after selecting certain items in the Editor.

  • Wookiee Carbon collection bonus is at the intended +5%

  • Rebel Farming Bonus is at intended +5%

  • Heavy Artillery is doing proper damage

You can download the patch/update from this page: Note that you need this update to play on the zone, so be sure to download it.

THFGaming reviewed SWGB
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 12.1.2001 @ 11:13:AM]

Well, THFGaming, a gaming site, gave SWGB 82%(4.1/5.0) to SWGB in a long and detailed review that you can find here. As usual, here's a preview of the review :

    On the whole, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is the perfect game for anyone that enjoys the major strategy resource-gathering engrossing RTS games, such as Age of Empires II, or just for the Star Wars fanatic. If one can put aside the dated graphics, you can really spend a whole lot of hours during the day playing the fun campaign missions or beating up a friend with your favorite Star Wars units.