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Star Wars RTS 2 Announced
[Posted by Mace, 11.11.2004 @ 10:11:PM]

LucasArts president Jim Ward has made all our dreams come true by announcing a new Star Wars RTS game currently in development by Petroglyph Games. Unfortunately, no details of the game, other than the fact that it's in development, have been given. Ward announced the game in a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter. The full text of the interview is available here. With the May 2005 release of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, we can almost be sure to see the game released about that time. Many articles have been published surrounding the announcement at sites like:

Let's hope that Petroglyph does a good job on this game, both graphic-wise and gameplay-wise. Let's also hope they create a powerful scenario editor to go with it, so our scenario designers won't be out of business.