News Archive for November 2003

Campaign Feature of the Week 10
[Posted by Mace, 11.27.2003 @ 3:44:PM]

Aftermath has posted the tenth installment in his Campaign Feature of the Week (Which is now officially endorsed by SWGBH). You can find out what campaign won and who the maker was at the topic here.

Tales of Jedi Knights III Released!
[Posted by Echuu, 11.11.2003 @ 11:25:AM]

The long anticipated third part of kowe_el_ewok's Tales of Jedi Knights saga has finally been released. The campaign zip can be downloaded Here. Kowe has also included custom music scores in a seperate zip file which can be downloaded Here. Let's all hope kowe continues to design for us, and wish him luck into getting recruited into SCN Punk.

Preview: Bane of Justice
[Posted by Echuu, 11.3.2003 @ 2:20:PM]

Aftermath, an undisputed yet talented scenario designer has given us a preview of his promising campaign, Bane of Justice.

"It is a time of war. The Galactic Empire headed by the mysterious Nupraptor and his loyal bodyguard continue to lay waste to any system that will not pledge their allegiance to their Empire. The solar systems near the core worlds, however, are the bearers of the rebellion, the Empire's greatest threat. While the Empire fights the Rebel forces on one side of the galaxy, Nupraptor has a part of his fleet negotiate with the planets around the Cerecean system, a move which seems to only distract the Imperial forces, one which seems to have no clear purpose."

Read More and View Screenshots Here.