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RTSDM Fan Site up!
[Posted by Izzy, 11.29.2002 @ 8:54:PM]

Come one, come all, RTSDM finally launched their site.

SWGB Scenario Editor Guide Up!
[Posted by Izzy, 11.28.2002 @ 6:51:PM]

With the permission of Yehoshua Yisra’el and SCN Punk, we are re-releasing the scenario editor guide to the public. Enjoy, everyone!

What's YOUR favorite Star Wars line?
[Posted by Izzy, 11.27.2002 @ 4:05:PM]

Forumer, Viceroy SithLord, started an interesting little thread about your favorite star wars lines! Be sure to drop by and tell them what you think. ;) As for me, I like the line "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Poser Article: Week One
[Posted by Izzy, 11.26.2002 @ 8:30:PM]

Yep, since I've gotten quite a bit of time on my hands, I decided to start a little series of articles that I will be doing weekly. The first one I have done is basically a guide of how to make a template for the model you're going to be using. Instead of having endless pages of introductory, I decided to save us some time and jump right to the article. :) The article includes a zipped up file with lights and cameras that make the view look more like a Genie Engine styled unit. Many thanks to AoERat for taking the time of recoding it for me!

This is for all of you who decided to go a step further in modding AOK and SWGB, and making your units look as live like as possible! Since I have been aware of all the complications Poser gave to people, I decided to design a simple article which will describe how to make units* in a few easy steps.
Watch out for next weeks guide which covers Clothing, hair styles and a little bit on animation.

Read the Article here:

The Aufax War
[Posted by Izzy, 11.24.2002 @ 5:52:PM]

Sarupo started an interesting campaign about the Aufax War.

The Aufax have just devloped laser weapons, ex: blaster, spaceships, and tuurets. On their planet the Tsiruk are causing problems. They threaten to go to war with the Aufax if they won't surrender their land. Little does anyone know of the Galactic Empire, waiting to take control of the lanet to build their ultimate weapon. As all this is going on the Galactic Repiblic is not at rest. The Abear Knights can't work fast enough to restore peace.
Read all it about here!,2608,,all

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones at the IMAX!
[Posted by Izzy, 11.23.2002 @ 2:39:PM]

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones has finally hit the IMAX theaters in USA and Canada! As you can see, the major attraction will be Yoda's fight sequence which will be shown in 50 feet of glory!

If you enjoyed seeing Episode II on the really big screen, we'd like to suggest that you send emails with your personal reactions to your friends and colleagues, sharing with them the fun that you had seeing the movie.
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The Tale Of Ollan Parensu
[Posted by Izzy, 11.22.2002 @ 7:04:PM]

obi wan, a frequenter at SWGBH has started a new project about Ollan Parensu.

It is 1200 years after the battle of Yavin.Disorder is growing, evil and greed is rising, the Rebels are diminished.

The Empire and the Old Republic have joined uknown regions of the Galaxy,they are called the "Imperial Republican Guild",the main people in charge of this Alliance,is Jango and Boba Fett.They were cloned back to life.
Read all it about here!,2694,0,10

Kyle Katarn Mod
[Posted by Izzy, 11.21.2002 @ 5:35:PM]

Kowe shows us another great looking animation, and this time it's Kyle Katarn itself!

Hello I almost finish my version of Kyle Katarn with his blue lightsaber. Actually I'm working in the last SLP ( the SLP of Holocrons). This version includes changes of: dll,icons, sounds, and of course the SLP. I think that could be a good option while we wait the GB's version.
Read more:,2696,0,10

GothicLegionaire's Ravens Claw!
[Posted by Izzy, 11.20.2002 @ 7:02:PM]

GothicLegionaire does it again with a great looking ship, straight from the Jedi Knight FPS series.

Read more:,2686,0,10

Galactic Battlestar's Battle for Naboo
[Posted by Izzy, 11.19.2002 @ 6:12:PM]

Admiral Kun posted a thread about showcases featuring a few of Galactic Battlestar's (a local clan) projects. One of the projects that stands out though, is the Star Wars Battle for Naboo campaign.

The second project is being made by obi wan. It is a very exciting project after playing the second level, Neimodian Plunder and making obi wan mods for the campaign. The Naboo Captain on a STAP, Naboo Police Cruiser, Borvo's Ship and Borvo's Starfighters Mod Packs will be released along with the BFN campaign..
Read all it about here!,2507,0,10

Episode II finally on DVD and Home Video!
[Posted by Izzy, 11.18.2002 @ 6:16:PM]

That's right, everyone can now add the second part of the StarWars saga to their home collection!

Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones is in stores now on DVD and VHS across North America and much of Europe.
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Chronicling the Clone Wars
[Posted by Izzy, 11.17.2002 @ 8:42:PM]

Lucas books will be chronicalling the epic Clone Wars stories into books, like people have done years before!

Starting next year, LucasBooks is chronicling these historic events through a publishing program that covers the span of the Clone Wars. Through comics, adult novels, middle grade fiction, audio books, short stories and more, the story of the Clone Wars will unfold.
Read it all here!:

Star Wars Word Associations
[Posted by Izzy, 11.15.2002 @ 6:43:PM]

Crazed_Ewok posted a great little game forumers at SWGBH can enjoy- Word Association!,2218,,10

kowe_el_ewok's Exar Kun mod released
[Posted by Izzy, 11.14.2002 @ 5:56:PM]

kowe_el_ewok's hard works and efforts finally pay off with a beautifully done model of Exar Kun, all ready and released.

Well, well; after two months of intense work and about five months of intense search of resources, I can say that the Mod of the legendary Sith Lord Exar Kun, is almost finished. This mod includes changes in language_x1.dll, sounds (yes, the real voice of Exar Kun), icons (with and without Holocron), a wallpaper and of course the eight slp corresponding to the Jedi/Sith Masters .
Read more:,2662,0,10

The Hidden Force
[Posted by Izzy, 11.13.2002 @ 6:04:PM]

The Vandhaal is working a great looking single player campaign that promises to tell the story of the New Republic.

After the big succes of the multiplayer rpg campaign on the msn zone of The Hidden the singelplayer campaign has arrived.
Read all about here!,2657,0,10

GothicLegionaire does it again- With a Sith Infiltrator
[Posted by Izzy, 11.12.2002 @ 5:44:PM]

GothicLegionaire, does it again with an absolutely breath taking sprite of a Sith Infiltrator!

Watch out for more updates here:,2657,0,10

Star Wars Battlegrounds Tournament at MFO
[Posted by Izzy, 11.12.2002 @ 5:39:PM]

That's right! Step right up, because there's gonna be a tourny today at Mr Fixit Online's SWGB site.

Hey we all know only the best are left in RM so why not show what you have. It's time for a for the Tounament of the masters. Hope to see you there.

New Backgrounds and Wallpapers for Lucas Art's Newest Game: Knights of the Old Republic
[Posted by Izzy, 11.11.2002 @ 2:32:PM]

There are some great looking wallpapers for Lucas Arts' newest game: Knights of the Old Republic.

Check 'em out here:

Brand New SWGB Fan Site
[Posted by Izzy, 11.9.2002 @ 2:37:PM]

Yep, a really neat site with a bunch of information on all the units under the name EchoBase USA was just brought to our attention. Their site has tons of information on buildings, unit statistics and their very own forum!

Check their site out:

Echobase USA

Star Wars - Tales of the Mercenaries
[Posted by Izzy, 11.9.2002 @ 2:32:PM]

A very promising campaign is being composed by Admiral Tyler!

Zerin Nitral, a mercenary and pilot, was one of the Rebel Alliance's top fighter pilots during the Galactic Civil War. But after his presumed death, he has left the Alliance to start a new life, away from the Alliance and Empire. But now he must return, or else the entire galaxy could be doomed...
Read all about here!,2624,0,10

Starwars Galactic Battlegrounds 2?
[Posted by Izzy, 11.8.2002 @ 8:59:PM]

A group of forumers from Starwars Galactic Battleground Heaven's General Discussion forum are cooking up great ideas for SWGB2! Join the discussion, and see what you think. Maybe they'll use the AOM engine? ;)

Check it out here:,2605,0,10

Official Star Wars Wallpapers and Screensavers- now, with Luke!
[Posted by Izzy, 11.7.2002 @ 7:01:PM]

ScreenThemes, the photographic screen saver and wallpaper program known for its stunning high-resolution images, has added 16 images of Luke Skywalker from A New Hope to their gallery this week.
Read all about it:

The Aalya Secura Campaign
[Posted by Izzy, 11.7.2002 @ 6:54:PM]

obiwANDYZ, a successful modder has taken a step into the world of scenario designing, with his newly announced campaign about Aalya Secura.

Quin Lan vos is a troubled Jedi, struggling to regain stability after having his memory erased during a near-fatal encounter with the dark side...
Read more here!,2572,0,10

Project announcement - The Alderaan Sabotage
[Posted by Izzy, 11.5.2002 @ 8:05:PM]

James Martigo, an extremely popular forumer and scenario designer at SWGBH is announcing his newest campaign- The Alderaan Sabotage!

Step in the shoes of Falco Talon, and meet old friends in new enemies in the sequel to “Falcon’s First Flight”. “The Alderaan Sabotage” is a single scenario campaign that features:

single unit RPG type playing style

Taunt activated Health Packs

Washing shorelines

Perilous rockslides


Spark floors

The all new Universal Droid Manipulator, for a new level of interactive gaming

Hidden features….

Read more here!,2598,0,10

Exar Kun Mod in the works
[Posted by Izzy, 11.4.2002 @ 11:43:PM]

The most wanted "Exar Kun" mod is currently being worked on by Kowe el Ewok, and hotdamn they're nice! It's some very smooth animations.. haven't seen stuff like this for a while.

"This mod will include: The original voice of Exar Kun, dll changes, Icon."
Check it out here:

Kowe's thread here:,2458,0,10

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
[Posted by Izzy, 11.4.2002 @ 12:44:AM]

Galactic_Warrior is working on a very, very promising scenario. And from the looks of it, it's almost complete! Keep up the great work.

"After months of hard work, I have decided to announce ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ campaign. It will follow the main story line from the movie, but will not be exactly alike. It would be to boring to follow the movie exactly."
Read more here!,2396,0,10

The Moldy Crow
[Posted by Izzy, 11.2.2002 @ 5:28:PM]

GothicLegionaire, another local member made an excellent representation of Kyle Katarn's Moldy Crow straight from the ever popular FPS Jedi Knight: Dark Forces. And, damn does it look great. :)

Watch out for more updates here:,2495,0,10

New and improved Trade Federation Lander!
[Posted by Izzy, 11.1.2002 @ 5:46:PM]

Toopu, a local modder in our humble community just threw one of the most splendid peices of 3D art I've seen in a while! His mod is an update from his already good looking lander from a couple of weeks ago. Watch out for updates in his thread. This guy certainly has some potential. :)

"It includes a Flying Lander (replaces the (F) Air Transport) and a Landed one (replaces the Lander under the buildings tab) It has also an icon for the flying Lander."
Watch out for more updates here:,2491,0,10