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SWGB to be Patched
[Posted by AoErat, 11.27.2001 @ 4:06:PM]

Garry Gaber, the director of the SWGB project, has annouced on the forums that there is a official patch on the way. He notes that the patch will change several things, such as the long-awaited fix for the Wookie-bug.

Amongst the more notable issues in this update would be modifications to some unit behaviors -- particularly those which most effect gameplay balancing. For example, the Wookiee carbon collection upgrade rate at tech level 3 has turned out to be too high, and the Rebel Alliance farming bonus increase has turned out to be too low. We are also in the process of fixing an issue which relates to the effectiveness of upgraded Heavy Artillery units.

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New SW:GB reviews and release info...
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 11.25.2001 @ 6:10:PM]

Well, first of, SW:GB is out in Australia, so head down to your local computer store and buy the game.

Now, here are the reviews :

Gamesdomain reviewed the game and gave it a 4/5. Here's a part of the review :

    But minor carping aside, this is a welcome return to form from LucasArts after a disappointing patch. Galactic Battlegrounds offers exactly what the dedicated Star Wars follower and gamer wants: a way to re-enact the drama and excitement of Lucas' vivacious universe and even deviate from course and create your own scenarios. Putting a trustworthy license behind an even more solid game mechanic sounds like a winning formula - and thankfully, there have been no surprises.

Game-revolution on the other hand gave the game a C. Well, you can read the whole review here. Now, here's a part of the review :

    Galactic Battlegrounds is a real-time strategy game based in the Star Wars Universe. Six races are available for you to choose from, including the Rebels, Empire, Naboo, Trade Federation, Wookiees, and our floppy eared friends, the Gungans. Each civilization has its own campaign, which spans approximately seven missions, so it won't take you forever to get through each one. Simple, isn't it?

SWGB out in the UK & New Review
[Posted by AoErat, 11.22.2001 @ 12:02:PM]

Check your local EB store. Many are getting SWGB in now.

Secondly, has reviewed SWGB, giving it a solid 8.9 out of 10.
They say:

Galactic Battlegrounds will finally please those who have been waiting for a Star Wars Real Time Strategy game that actually does the license justice. However, there are areas that could have been better developed, such as the graphics and AI, to improve the overall appearance and playability of the title.

Read the rest of the review here:

Gamespot reviews SWGB...
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 11.21.2001 @ 12:28:PM]

And they liked the game. Gamespot reviewer gave the game a 8.2 which is a really good score coming from Gamespot. Altough he thought the game was too similar to Age of Kings, he really liked the new features and the Star Wars theme. Here is a part of his review that you can read here :

    When it comes right down to it, the goal of any Star Wars-themed strategy game should be to re-create the epic feel of the battles in the Star Wars movies. We just want to watch AT-ATs lumber through the snow with stormtroopers swarming around their feet. We want to see Rebel soldiers holding the line with snowspeeders coming to the rescue. And we want to hear the Imperial marching theme or that splendid "Duel of the Fates" riff while we do it. When it comes right down to it, most complaints with Battlegrounds are easily forgotten when all this happens. On one hand, sure, it's a derivative real-time strategy game. But on the other hand, it's a tidy little bundle of escapism that's perfect for a generation of gamers raised on Star Wars.

2 really good reviews for GB
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 11.20.2001 @ 8:07:PM]

Well, it was expected. With the game's release, the reviews, good and bad will pop up at every big gaming site. Today, we got 2 very good reviews by IGN-PC and GameZone.

IGN gave the game a 8/10 in a very long and detailed review. Here's a part of the review :

    The combination of a great game system with a great presentation of an appealing world is hard to resist. Players of Age of Empires II won't find anything really new here in the way of gameplay but they will get a chance to trade in their militia for stormtroopers. As a pretty solid Star Wars strategy game Galactic Battlegrounds definitely has a winning game model and a great license and, while it's not exactly revolutionary, it's enough innovation for me.

GameZone's reviewer seemed to particularily like this game and he gave it a whooping 9/10 score. Well, check that part of the review :

    Galactic Battlegrounds uses the Age of Empires AOK engine. They’ve added oodles of goodies to make the ultimate real-time strategy experience even better. Fans of the genre can dive right in here, and begin demolishing computer opponents. For those gamers who shy away from the genre, but eat, live and sleep with the force than this is a good time to give real time strategy a try.

Soon, we should see Gamespot and Gamespy's reviews of the game too. So, stay tuned for some other great reviews.

Playing SW:GB on Gamespy
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 11.18.2001 @ 10:19:PM]

Gamespy added SW:GB full version to Gamespy Arcade's supported games list. What does that mean ? Well, it means that you can now use Gamespy to find people to play with, it's a matchmaking service like the Zone.

To get directly into the SWGB lobby, follow this link.

Have fun :-)

SWGB contest at Gamespot
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 11.15.2001 @ 5:04:PM]

Gamespot UK is hosting a SWGB contest with some nice prizes(a Multi-Region DVD Player, a copy of Star Wars® Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, a Dorling Kindersley Star Wars® Visual Dictionary and a Double-Bladed Light Sabre for the first winner).

You might be asking yourself "What does that have to do with SWGB ?", well it's a contest to celebrate the game's release and the question is related to the game.

So, if you want to join, go here.

SWGBH download section is up
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 11.15.2001 @ 6:29:AM]

That's right folks, you can now submit your campaigns, scenarios, modpacks, AIs, saved games... to SWGB to get them played by lots of players. This Downloads section works like HG's other ones : it's easy to use and really advanced.

Angel Spineman created the download section for SWGBH and will be administrating it.

Officially Released
[Posted by AoErat, 11.13.2001 @ 7:07:AM]

In Lucasart's latest newsletter, they state:

LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC is pleased to announce that Star
Wars Galactic Battlegrounds for PC will be available for purchase on
Tuesday, November 13th.

Lead the armies of the Star Wars saga to victory in intense, real-time
strategy clashes. Enter the fray as the Galactic Empire, Rebel
Alliance, Wookiees, Trade Federation, Gungans and Royal Naboo to
determine the final outcome of the Galactic Civil War.

That is today folks, so head to the store!

Got the game ?
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 11.12.2001 @ 8:58:PM]

Well, many people are receiving their pre-orders and it's currently being released in North-America. With the release of the game, you might be interested in posting your first impressions or some cool things you found in this post. I will try to get it friday.

Pre-Orders Coming In
[Posted by AoErat, 11.10.2001 @ 5:52:PM]

Several people who pre-ordered from Lucasarts have received SWGB today. This has been verified, so, expect to have your copy any time now if you pre-ordered. Stores should have it within the next few days also.

Have fun!

SW:GB ships
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 11.9.2001 @ 9:47:PM]

Well, it's official, Star Wars : Galactic Battlegrounds is now shipping to stores and should be available in the next few days and should cost around 45 US $.

    LucasArts announces the release of its real-time strategy game set in the Star Wars universe.

    LucasArts has announced the release of Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, its real-time strategy game set in the Star Wars universe. Galactic Battlegrounds uses the game engine used in Microsoft's Age of Empires II, and it lets players assume control of one of six factions vying for control of the galaxy. The main factions featured in the game include the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, the Wookiees, the Gungans, the Royal Naboo, and the Trade Federation. The game will feature a variety of combat units such as bounty hunters, Jedi knights, stormtroopers, X-Wings, AT-ATs, snowspeeders, and droids.

    Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds was developed by LucasArts, and it will soon be available in stores for an approximate retail price of $44.95.

New Interview at BarrysWorld
[Posted by AoErat, 11.9.2001 @ 4:10:PM] has intervied the project director of SWGB, Garry Gaber. The interview goes over some pretty basic things, but there is some new information. Looks like George Lucas himself has seen at least the design docs of the game:

Has George Lucas seen the game?

He’s seen the design, but I don’t know if he’s seen the “close to finished game”.

Have you had any input from his production team?

Actually part of it. Lucas film licensing has had input concepts for vehicles and storylines.

Check out the full interview here.

First Review Out & New Screenshots
[Posted by AoErat, 11.7.2001 @ 5:01:PM] has posted a review of SWGB (8/10 score). This is the first review out there, and judging by it's score, SWGB is doing well. The site requires you to register if you want to view the entire review, however.

Over 20 new screenshots and several new renders have been added to the Screenshots Gallery and the Rendered Art Gallery.

Star Wars Episode 2 trailer
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 11.6.2001 @ 6:29:PM]

Well, it's not really related to Star Wars : GB, but you might be interested in downloading the first teaser trailer of Star Wars : Attack of the Clones.

It's pretty short, but it's good if you want to see how the actors look, how the new Yoda(CGI) looks and learn some new stuff about E2.

You can get it from, you need Quicktime 5 to view the small and medium one ; and you need Quicktime 5 pro to view the large one.

Come and discuss about it in this thread.

New Screenshot
[Posted by AoErat, 11.4.2001 @ 9:00:AM]

Go To ScreenshotsA new screenshot has been released at the Official SWGB site. It is in a large resolution, and it shows a pretty interesting scene, as well as some new objects, such as a bridge and the Queen's Silver spaceship. Check out the full screenshot in the gallery.

On another note, the release date draws nearer, there is about a week left to wait. (released on the 12th of Novemember in the US, probably 2 days later in Europe)

Check your December issue of the print magazine "Computer Games" for a page preview of SWGB (issue 133, pg 32)

Gamespot preview : Gungans and Wookiees
[Posted by Enrique Orduno, 11.2.2001 @ 6:46:PM]

Well, here they are. The two most primitive races of SW:GB get their preview at Gamespot. This is the last of a series of 3 mini-previews on the factions.

We learn that Gungans are very powerful with mechs while Wookiees are an infantry faction. Here are the final thoughts of the author :

    Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds should be hitting store shelves within the upcoming weeks. It promises to deliver real-time strategy gameplay as fun and diverse as that found in the original Age of Kings. With six civilizations, all offering unique units, unique technologies, and different styles of gameplay, there should be something to entice every strategy gamer. If you enjoy traditional ground offensives, you can go with the Wookiees or Galactic Empire. If you want to stomp through bases with heavy mechanized assaults, the Empire and Gungans are available. Gamers who want to try out Battlegrounds' air force, which adds a new element to the game, can play the Naboo or Rebels. And of course, with Jedi in the game, there are yet more options to play with and master.

    LucasArts doesn't have the best track record when it comes to Star Wars strategy games, but Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds is not Force Commander or Rebellion. This time, with the Age of Kings engine and a renewed dedication to strategy games, the company could finally reverse the trend of disappointment. Galactic Battlegrounds plays like a fun game with lots of nuance and strategy. If the build we've been playing is any indication, this next chapter in Star Wars strategy games will finally please all the fans and gamers who have waited so patiently for a game that truly captures the epic battles of the Star Wars movies.

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