News Archive for February 2004

Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight
[Posted by Mace, 2.22.2004 @ 10:45:AM]

Dawidos is working on a campaign based on the award winning game, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.


"Since the destruction of the second DEATH STAR, the Rebel Alliance has begun the difficult process of building the New Republic. Seizing the opportunity for control of the galaxy, new rival armies arise. The most dangerous of these are the DARK JEDI. Their leader JEREC, seeks the legendary VALLEY OF THE JEDI. Within this lost battleground he will find untold power to destroy peace and justice in the galaxy...."

This looks to be a very promising project. It employs the Dark Forces II modpack made by Kowe_el_ewok. Check out screenshots, details, and updates at the campaign's showcase.

Under Construction: Star Wars - Jedi Academy
[Posted by Echuu, 2.22.2004 @ 9:44:AM]

Darth Monty, a scenario designer over at the forums, has been working very hard lately on his new project, Jedi Academy. This does not follow the storyline of the hit FPS Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy for the PC and various consoles, but follows Monty's own story. Fans now wait patiently for the completion of this scenario.

Check out the preview, Here

SWGBH Campaign Showdown
[Posted by Mace, 2.21.2004 @ 2:03:PM]

Roee_co has started the SWGBH Campaign Showdown, where multiple campaigns/scenarios will be given, and forummers vote as to which ones move up the tree. Eventually, only one campaign will be left standing, voted as the #1 campaign in SWGBH.

Check out the showdown here

Staff member promotion at SWGB Heaven!
[Posted by AoErat, 2.21.2004 @ 10:08:AM]

Please welcome Mace as our newest Angel here at Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven! Never fear, he'll be continuing his old duties - posting news and moderating. Mace will be contributing to the main website as well.

A hearty congratulations to Mace!

1 Million Hits
[Posted by Mace, 2.19.2004 @ 5:58:PM]

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven just topped 1,000,000 (1 Million) hits. Let's hope those visitors keep streaming in! :)

Coruscant Life
[Posted by Mace, 2.7.2004 @ 10:51:PM]

Admiral Zaarin, a local scenario designer, has completed his long awaited single-scenario campaign, Coruscant Life.

Coruscant Life has similar gameplay to the ever popular "Life in the Big City" games. Here is the introduction:

Star Wars
Coruscant Life
Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, young Kleeve Rev is bored of the agricultural life-style his family leads on Chandrilla. Upon the advice a friend, he moves to Coruscant. His friend has sold him an apartment, and he's booked passage aboard a refugee transport. Now that he's finally arrived, it is up to you to determine how the rest of his life goes...

The campaign can be downloaded here. Be sure to check out the campaign showcase, located here

Nyro Genesis Re-make
[Posted by Mace, 2.2.2004 @ 7:18:PM]

Xcaliber has announced a remake of his famed Nyro Genesis campaign. There will be force abilities, new characters, special abilities, a "robbing" system, and some additions to the storyline.

Nyro Genesis

40 years after the formation of the Jedi Academy, Luke Skywalker has passed away. Jaina Solo has taken over the Jedi Academy. Now Master Zephyr is training a boy, a boy named Kennith. Kennith has supernatural force powers, and yet has to figure out how to use them.

During Kennith's training, the counselor, of Yavin IV, has called an assembly. Counselor Vyaak Vi is his name, and he is a very suspicious twi'lek. Kennith senses something in the heart of this Counselor and has a dream of a weapon in some ruins called "Nyro", but all the Jedi says he is foolish, but one day he meets some one who actually believes him.....

Check out the showcase, located here.

The Galactic Republic Senate
[Posted by Mace, 2.2.2004 @ 7:11:PM]

I know what you're thinking. Not another senate game. Well, like it or not, you're getting one.

Hman, AKA Darth Hardbody, is working on his newest multiplayer senate scenario, The Galactic Republic Senate. Like all other senate games, you can colonize a planet, vote in the senate, and declare war. This senate game shows real promise, with features such as a time system, civilization advantages, elevators, automatic doors, and great eye candy. More information on the Galactic Republic Senate can be found in the showcase, located here.