News Archive for February 2003

Republic Gunship mod by Corran Horn!
[Posted by Izzy, 2.24.2003 @ 10:05:PM]

Corran Horn created an great looking mod from what seems to be your average toy! Great job, corran!.

New SWGB:CC Cheat Codes!
[Posted by Izzy, 2.22.2003 @ 3:17:PM]

Lucasarts has annouced 2 new cheat codes for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns. Thanks to Ian Blinkhorn for a heads up.

To use a hint, hit enter and type the code into a chat window.

The Force is strong with this one
Jedi turning range increase

Most powerful Jedi
Jedi faster and more deadly
Note that you can get updates and hints of the week for any Lucasarts game by subscribing to their exclusive free program. Sign up at Lucas Arts' Official Website today!

A Newbie's Guide To Genie Editing
[Posted by Izzy, 2.21.2003 @ 3:26:PM]

mace windu9d9, a forummer here at SWGBH wrote up an excellent guide about genie editing. Don't worry though, none of these modifications can be taken online. So don't worry about online cheating.

Ok, you've learned how to mod. Graphics,sounds,icons,unit names.
All of those are good for modding, but what if you could go deeper?
Change unit statistics? Make your own unit? Edit a technology?
These and more have been sought by many modders. The answer is finally
here. With lots of work, and alot of help from Ykkrosh, GeniEd, the art
of editing the Genie.dat, has been unveiled. This guide will tell you
how to edit unit stats and more.

Mod of the Week: Three
[Posted by Izzy, 2.8.2003 @ 11:46:AM]

obiWANDYZ continues his weekly tradition of spreading the news about some of the best mods out there, the mods featured are the Mara Jade mod, Snow Trooper and Anakin's Speeder (from episode 2).

Mara Jade Mod
[Posted by Izzy, 2.8.2003 @ 11:43:AM]

Kowe el Ewok has created an OUTSTANDING mod with poser, of Mara Jade. Although she's already in the game, Mara was famous for her light saber wielding abilities. You can download the mod here.