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Empire At War on Star Wars.Com Gaming
[Posted by Mace, 1.28.2005 @ 10:14:AM]

Though it reveals nothing new about the game, it's my job to bring you whatever information I can. Check it out here.

Empire At War Preview on Computer And Video
[Posted by Mace, 1.27.2005 @ 9:59:AM]

Yet another preview I've found...

Star Wars: Empire at War (working title) is the latest title to marry George Lucas' massive universe with the RTS genre, a combination which in the past, it has to be said, has seen some criminally poor efforts - Force Commander is a title we'd rather forget, and no doubt too would LucasArts. But with Petroglyph at the development helm, a studio boasting the talents of ex-Westwood staffers, signs are positive that Empire at War will truly be the Star Wars strategy game we've all be looking for.

Check it out here.

New Empire At War Preview on IGN
[Posted by Mace, 1.27.2005 @ 9:52:AM]

IGN has published a new preview of the upcoming Empire At War. This preview tells a good deal about the engine, gameplay, and even gives us a bit of insight into multiplayer (Which, I might say, sounds like it's going to be awesome).

Though the two previous strategy games based on the Star Wars license have enjoyed mixed success (one was good, the other was awful), things seem to be right on track with LucasArts's latest effort, Star Wars: Empire at War. We recently had the opportunity to see the game in action and chat with producer Brett Tosti about the overall direction of the title. Though the game is still at a very early stage, it already shows a lot of promise. And it's no wonder: many of the developers at Petroglyph refined their design and programming chops at Westwood.

Check out the preview here.

Star Wars: Empire At War - #1 Talked About On Gamespot
[Posted by Mace, 1.24.2005 @ 1:17:AM]

From Petroglyph's website:

As of today, STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR is the #1 game players are talking about at GameSpot. In addition to a wealth of new screenshots (those aren't doctored, btw), you can watch LucasArts producer Brett Tosti and Petroglyph lead programmer Mike Legg talk about some of the features that will be making their way into the game in an exclusive interview.

Star Wars: Empire At War Subsection
[Posted by Mace, 1.23.2005 @ 2:54:PM]

We here at SWGBH have created a subsection specifically for information pertaining to Star Wars: Empire At War. Complete with the Empire At War discussion board, we've got all the information and speculation you'll ever need. Check out the subsection, complete with overview and screenshots here.

Empire At War Preview on GamesRadar
[Posted by Mace, 1.21.2005 @ 10:28:AM]

While searching for more information on EaW, I stumbled across this little preview on GamesRadar. It reveals quite a bit about the gameplay of Empire At War. From the information we have right now, it looks like it's going to be a cross between Rome: Total War and standard RTS gameplay. Check out the review here.

Empire At War on LucasArts
[Posted by Mace, 1.21.2005 @ 9:46:AM]

Since the game was revealed in the interview with the president of LucasArts, all information about the game came from game sites such as,, etc. Empire At War has finally gotten it's place on the LucasArts website. Check it out here.

Star Wars: Empire At War Preview at Gamespot
[Posted by Mace, 1.20.2005 @ 9:36:PM]

A ways down the road from Las Vegas lies a small industrial that used to be home to one of the most influential computer game developers in history. Westwood Studios created the extremely popular Command & Conquer series and helped lay the foundation for real-time strategy games with the classic movie-licensed game Dune 2. The complex that was once home to 150 artists, level designers, and producers has now been parceled out to other local businesses. And a stone's throw away, in an unassuming office that's practically right across the street, lies Petroglyph, a new studio consisting of about 20 staff members, nearly all of whom are from the original Westwood team, including many of the programmers and designers that literally helped create the basis for real-time strategy games as we know them today. And the studio is hard at work on an all-new strategy game that will attempt to further the genre past its traditional gameplay of gathering resources, building a base, and raising an army with Star Wars: Empire at War.

Check out the preview here.

Pretty Planet Contest - 2005
[Posted by Echuu, 1.16.2005 @ 4:27:PM]

In our Scenario Design community, Xcal has begun hosting a new contest called the Pretty Planet Contest. This will be carried out much similar to the Pretty Town Contests hosted in AOKH. If you interested in joining, you can read the thread in the forums. Good luck to all those who enter.


Star Wars: Empire At War Preview on
[Posted by Mace, 1.14.2005 @ 1:56:AM]

Something has been missing from the few Star Wars strategy games that have come out on the PC: the fun. OK, that's a little harsh, but there's no denying that these games have not let you feel like you're a part of the movies, a part of some massive interstellar civil war. That's about to change with Star Wars: Empire at War. Set in the period after the upcoming Episode III: Revenge of the Sith film and just before Episode IV: A New Hope, the game will feature the battle for control of the galaxy. Star destroyers will burn in orbit. AT-ATs will crush Rebel forces on the ground below. And it will all happen at the same time, in a persistent universe.

This is the rise of the Rebellion.

Check it out here.

Mon Calamari Conversion Release - Week One
[Posted by Mace, 1.3.2005 @ 3:56:PM]

It's finally here folks! Invertix's long awaited Mon Calamari conversion is here! As per Invy's request, one modpack will be released each week from it (troopers, aircraft, heavy weapons, etc). Today begins week one!

What's this week's featured modpack? Mon Calamari aircraft! Check out a screenshot and download it at the Mon Calamari Conversion Page!

The Fett Chronicles: Released!
[Posted by Mace, 1.2.2005 @ 1:05:PM]

The long awaited release of The Pink Panther's The Fett Chronicles has finally arrived.

Boba Fett, the galaxy's most notorious Bounty Hunter. Having worked as a bodyguard, assassin and a soldier, his favoured profession was undoubtedly bounty hunter. He's also worked for the Hutts on countless times, various underworld gangs, high paid business men and politicians, although, up till now, Fett has never directly worked for the Empire. However, while doing a job for Jabba The Hutt, he gets a very unusual job offer from a very unusual customer...

For more information and a link to the campaign in the download section, visit the thread.

Star Wars: Empire At War
[Posted by Mace, 1.1.2005 @ 4:35:PM]

News from TheForce.Net reveals new information about the upcoming Star Wars RTS game, including the title: Star Wars: Empire At War. From the article:

"This new PC game is set two years before ANH with a certain amount of cross over from Episode 3. Screen shots look superb. It appears to include ground battles set in dessert and greenland areas with attacking AT-AT's and a new Imperial ground based vehicle called "TIE Crawlers" which I've not seen before (cross between a tank and a TIE Fighter). The action also takes place in space with rebel fleets taking on Star Destroyers (think of the game Homeworld). Unsure when the game will be released as it is in the early phases of development."

For more information, view the original article.