News Archive for January 2003

Shadow Wraith : Dawn of Darkness
[Posted by Izzy, 1.17.2003 @ 3:09:PM]

Knotted maggots, a scenario designer, began his work on a campaign. campaign showcase Be sure to check it out

This project is set 2000 years after the battle of Endor. The New Republic has created a brand new technology known as the Shadow Wraith. If properly Utilised this can render whole armies useless. Kept on the secret space station Muir the Shadow Wraith is protected untill its eventually use....

Kal Jerico: Contracts & Agendas
[Posted by Izzy, 1.11.2003 @ 2:30:PM]

Aftermath, a SWGBH forumer has began his magic on a campaign about Kal Jerico.

In the nighmare future of the forty-first millennium, mankind teeters upon the brink of extinction. The galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man is beset on all sides by ravening aliens, and threatened from within by malevolent creatures and heretic rebels. Only the strength of the Immortal Emporer of Terra satnds between humanity and its annihilation. Dedicated to His service are the countless warriors, agents and myraid servants of the Imperium, foremost amongst them stand the Space Marines, mentally and physically engineered to be the supreme fighting force, the ultimate protectors of mankind.

Welcome back to school!
[Posted by Izzy, 1.6.2003 @ 6:27:PM]

Well, holiday break is over! Welcome back, hopefully things will speed up back to normal since we're all home and already busy with work.

Mon Calamari Space Cruiser mod
[Posted by Izzy, 1.2.2003 @ 11:11:PM]

Toopu has done it again with a great looking Cruiser from the original Star Wars. The mod in question is a Mon Calamari space ship.

Project Announcement: Deadly Bounty
[Posted by Izzy, 1.1.2003 @ 10:20:PM]

Forumer, Tantive has made an exciting looking campaign showcase about Talon Karrde. Be sure to check it out.

Victor Trida, father of future CorSec Enforcer Vincent Trida, has been put in prison for various smuggling operations across Corellia. Seeing the man's potential, Prince Xizor of Black Sun has offered Trida money enough to bribe CorSec to let him free....if he can assassinate Talon Karrde. After his escape from prison, Trida finds that CorSec is hot on his trail. Victor Trida must find and kill Karrde before CorSec finds and kills him...

Happy New Year!
[Posted by Izzy, 1.1.2003 @ 4:28:PM]

Well, it's 2003. Everyone bring out the kegs and celebrate! A toast to all who have helped out in SWGBH.