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SLcentral Reviews SWGB
[Posted by AoErat, 1.30.2002 @ 7:40:AM]

Another positive review of SWGB. give it a 8/10, stating that

Speaking relatively, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds redeems LucasArts for its failure with Force Commander. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds does not bring anything new to the genre, nor does it take Ensemble Studios to ground they have not traversed in the past. It does, however, offer an entertaining way of putting all of the races, characters, locals, and technologies from the Star Wars universe into a single real-time strategy game.

Read the entire review here:

CGW Magazine Reviews SWGB
[Posted by Aetius, 1.28.2002 @ 3:32:PM]

Computer Gaming World Magazine included a review of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds in their latest edition of CGWM. Here's some of what CGW had to say:

The promise of reliving all your favorite Star Wars moments from the commander's chair is finally realized in LucasArt's latest game, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Unlike previous Star Wars strategy games, Galactic Battlegrounds is good, and it delivers sweeping battles as exciting and epic as the famous skirmishes depicted in the movie.

You can find the rest of Computer Gaming World Magazine's review of SWGB by picking up the March 2002 Edition of the magazine.

Official SWGBH Forumer's Ladder!
[Posted by Aetius, 1.28.2002 @ 3:03:PM]

That's right folks, SWGB Heaven now has it's own Forumers Ladder. The ladder is moderated by Cherub ArmageddonUnlimited, and you can join by posting your Zone Name in this thread.

Ever wanted to make a Cameo in a SCN?
[Posted by Tartarus, 1.26.2002 @ 9:14:AM]

Well now you can! Forummer JamesMartigo has asked our Scenario Design Forum if they wanted to help out with an upcoming scenario by signing up for a Cameo Appearence.

I thought it might be a good idea to make a small database of people who wouldn't mind appearing in other people's scenario's. The can also state what units they would like to appear as, and what they want for unit stats.
This list can than be used by scenario editors who would like to put cameo's in their scenario.

Visit the thread to get your name on this list here

New Scn Design Articles
[Posted by Aetius, 1.25.2002 @ 5:35:PM]

We have recently added a couple new articles to the Scenario Editor section of the site. So if your an avid scenario designer you'll definitley want to check these out!

Official SWGB Level Contest
[Posted by AoErat, 1.18.2002 @ 6:59:AM]

Lucasarts will be sponsoring a Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Level Contest, as stated in their Lucasarts Insider #17. Check the official SWGB site in the coming days for more information pertaining to this contest. (

New SWGB Mod
[Posted by Aetius, 1.15.2002 @ 3:45:PM]

Forumers The Vampire Slayer and Izzy(aka Ballista_Turtle) have posted a sneak peak of what seems to be the first ever SWGB modpack, the Watto Mod, and I must say it looks very good! Below is a screenshot of this new mod in action.
The thread and some more screenshots can be found here

Gary Gaber Interview
[Posted by Aetius, 1.12.2002 @ 12:22:PM] recently posted an interview with SWGB Project Director Gary Gaber.

After studying art at college Garry Gaber now finds himself glued to the equally colourful Star Wars universe. He's worked on five Star Wars titles for LucasArts, a period which included a particularly rocky ride as project leader on Force Commander, though most recently he's been the man responsible for the impressive Galactic Battlegrounds. We chatted to him about those two games, Star Wars fans, his thoughts on RTSs and a morphing snail called Mortimer.

You can read the full interview here

Strategy Informer Reviews SWGB
[Posted by AoErat, 1.12.2002 @ 9:02:AM]

The guys over at have reviewed SWGB, giving it a fair score of 7.7. Overall, they seem to have enjoyed the game:

Every Star Wars fanatic out there should have no problems enjoying this game. Others may find it pleasent but also may not. All in all Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds can be considered as a nice game. In the end game is using Age of Empires engine so what could go wrong?

Read the full review here:

SWGB coming to MAC
[Posted by AoErat, 1.9.2002 @ 8:16:PM]

Have a Mac? Want to play SWGB? Well, you are in luck. Westlake Interactive recently announced that they will be converting SWGB to work on the Mac platform. Check out the short news blurb here:

GameZone Review of SWGB
[Posted by Aetius, 1.9.2002 @ 4:21:PM]

GameZone has posted their review for SWGB, and has given it a 9 out of 10 rating putting Galactic Battlegrounds on their Top Rated Games list! Here's some of what they had to say...

Lets get this out of the way first. This game is smokin’ folks. Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds delivers a fast paced action packed Empire stomping, Wookie howling, Rebel Alliance whooping, Jedi slashing, Sith Lord choking good time. Remember it’s all in the Star Wars universe, and it’s all good.

Check out GameZone's full review of SWGB here.

MFO Reviews SWGB
[Posted by AoErat, 1.8.2002 @ 7:33:AM]

MFO gives Galactic Battlegrounds a 4 out of 5 starts, and a "Very Good" rating. They mention that while the game has a few flaws, the main part is perfectly intact: fun:

Overall this was a surprisingly fun game to play, especially considering I was tired of the original Age of Kings. This is by far the best Star Wars related game that I have played to date, and also one of the best RTS games.

Read the full Review here: